App-store: whatsapp replaced as number 1 – by subscription trap

App-store: whatsapp replaced as number 1 - by subscription trap

Whatsapp messenger" has more than 1.1 million ratings in the app store. This makes whatsapp the most rated app in the ios app store, and with a rating of an average 4.6 out of 5 stars, it’s still above average. But in the meantime, the application has been pushed from the throne of the most popular applications. The dating app erotic games dating and chat temporarily suppressed the messenger, but not in the normal way – a subscription trap helped out.

Whatsapp: the app giant

With a total of 1.5 billion users, whatsapp is the undisputed king of apps. 58 percent of all users use the messenger more than once a day, resulting in 100 million voice calls and 65 billion messages sent per day. It has been found that just under 98 percent of all young people and adults in germany, aged 14 to 29, use whatsapp. When you see all these numbers, it’s hard to believe that this app giant can be pushed from the top.

By subscription trap to the top of the download charts

But besides all the rough ones, like "whatsapp", "youtube", "facebook" and "spotify now and then dubious apps manage to attract attention and sneak into the charts. So is the dating app erotic games dating and chat, like chip.De reports. Behind the app hides a russian dating site. This is called "loveplanet.Ru" and uses their services to secure the data and GPS locations of their users.

They are still looking for a partner? Fall in love in france!

Besides, users have to sign up for a subscription to be able to use the dating service to its full extent. You are lured in by a free trial week, which is automatically extended afterwards and then costs over 30 euros a month. If you don’t cancel the trial subscription at least 24 hours before it ends, you don’t stand a chance and have to pay the full amount for the next month. If you don’t cancel the subscription, the app is hardly usable. For example, messages can only be sent as a premium user. Besides, there are hardly any german-speaking members at "erotikspiele dating und chat".

Without the use of the seven-day trial period, the app costs only 14 euros per month. This is what it says in the description of the app in the app store.

This concept of the subscription trap is well-known, but unfortunately again and again credulous and inexperienced internet users fall for it. But apple tries to protect its customers. The manufacturer’s page is currently no longer accessible and the app has also disappeared from the charts. Possibly the megacorporation will take legal action against the russian providers.

The right alternative

If you really want to go online to find a partner, you should not be fooled. There are some reputable and free dating providers who are not out to cheat their users. Two examples of the most popular apps were "tinder" or "LOVOO".

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