Jonathan bischoff travels to berlin

jonathan bischoff travels to berlin

The swimmers of the SG habfurt were represented at the suddeutsche championships in freiburg and wetzlar. While johanna strobel competed in hesse, lena roth and jonathan bischoff held up the habfurt flag in breisgau. Bischoff qualifies for the german youth championships in berlin in the 50m breaststroke.

Johanna strobel (2005) had performed consistently well on the breaststroke courses in previous competitions. In this important competition, of all things, she did not get off to an ideal start and was subsequently unable to make up for the time lost at the beginning of this short distance race. Despite a strong performance johanna strobel finally finished 18th with a time of 38.73 seconds.

Lena roth (2003) and jonathan bischoff (2000) competed at the same time in the 69. The south german championships for the age group 2004 and older, which took place after a cold spell against a wintry backdrop. Roth had an almost perfect run in the 50 m freestyle, finishing well under the 30-second mark with a time of 29.25 seconds. Accordingly, the young swimmer was also satisfied when she stepped out of the pool. The fact that she had nothing to do with the medals despite her good performance was due solely to the strong competition. In this age group sirintana beune (SV nikar heidelberg) won in a time of 26.99 seconds.

Jonathan bischoff was also lucky, and for three reasons at once. On the one hand, he succeeded in putting in a top performance on his paradise course over the 50 m breaststroke, and on the other hand, he beat his previous personal record with a time of 30.54 seconds. For the third time, he had also met the standard for the german youth championships with this time, so that he may travel to berlin in the summer. He narrowly missed the bronze medal in his age group by 0.44 seconds.

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