No majority for the nordhalben budget

no majority for the nordhalben budget

With a small gift in the form of a voucher from the nordwaldmarkt, mayor michael pohnlein () bid farewell to the outgoing market town councilors rudolf ruf, astrid farber, uwe witurka, karl roth and ralf ellinger at the youngest meeting. He thanked for the work in the past years and wished all the best for the future. There was a heated discussion after the presentation of the budget for 2020, which was rejected with a tie vote of 6:6.

Heinrich grebner, former chamberlain in pressig, supported tanja wiedel in the preparation of the 2020 budget. He presented the key data of the budget. The volume of the total budget amounts to 4851 800 euros. The administrative budget includes 3,163,900 euros in income and expenses, the property budget, from which the investments of the municipality are financed, 1,687,900 euros.

No net new debt

Only 88,200 euros can be shown as an addition to the property budget, so that the addition, which had to be 181,400 euros, is not reached. The ordinary repayment burden amounts to 181,400 euros, so that there is no net new debt. A special redemption payment of 200,000 euros can be made from stabilization funds. The debt level at the end of the year is 1.872 million euros. This corresponds to a per capita debt of 1134.55 euros.

Here are the most important income and expenditure items: property tax B 171 000 euros, trade tax 200 000 euros, income tax 650 000 euros, key allocations 907 000 euros, sewer fees 170 000 euros, water fees 235 000 euros, personnel costs 837 900 euros and the county levy 693 500 euros.

Nearly covering costs

In the case of the cost-accounting facilities water and wastewater, the target of 100 percent cost coverage is almost achieved. 1.3 million in capital expenditure will be budgeted for in the property and casualty budget. The most significant are the rainwater overflow basin bahnhofstrabe with 105000 euro, the energetic renovation of the nordwaldhalle with 312 400 euro and nordhalben-village with 285 000 euro.

In the financial plan for 2021, the renovation of the catholic church is foreseen as a m-acceptance. Kindergarten and the renewal of the langenrain and titschendorfer strabe roads. In the area of vacancy removal, it is necessary to provide for a relatively short term implementation of macceptances, especially in relation to state demand projects.

After the presentation of the budget, there were heated discussions, which culminated in a vote to reject the budget statutes and the investment program by a vote of 6:6. There is still the possibility to improve the budget and to discuss it again in the municipal council. This is now to be done after the rejection.

For michael wunder (CSU), the budget was actually in order, but the promises made in 2018 to rehabilitate one road each year were not kept, just like in 2019. Something should be done here only in 2021. "We also have an obligation to the citizens, to whom we have been committed since 2018", reaffirmed miracles. He said that a request had already been made for a list of priorities to be drawn up. In addition, it should be checked whether it is really necessary to renew the water pipes and valves in every street.

Old water connections

Mayor michael pohnlein () countered that the 100,000 euros from 2019 and 2020 would be used for two trams in 2021, together with demand funds from the state of bavaria. In the village center, the water connections and pipes had to be renewed for every street that was renewed, they were all still old connections, a street surface was not enough. The construction committee will look at the roads and determine which ones need to be done next.

For bernd daum () it was not a dream budget, but certain projects had to be finished before new ones could be started. And 18.6 km of municipal ditches first had to be maintained. "There is so much going on elsewhere that you don’t have to set it against the straben.", said daum.

Horst wolf, gene. Schmitt () said he could not agree to the budget proposal, it was not directed to the future, but only owed to the administration.

Mayor michael pohnlein () talked about the huge program of the new center for nordhalben. With a volume of investments of four million euros, this would be difficult to shoulder and to realize. The basic idea of splitting the lobensteiner strabe 4-6 project into three steps was defeated by the administration, which sees it all as one ensemble. And for that, first of all, an office had to be found that would carry out the europe-wide tenders.

For julian wachter (SPD), this was a realistic budget that was adapted to the financial situation, and michael franz (SPD) asked what would happen if the budget was rejected. Here, mayor pohnlein () replied that one is then budget-less and every expenditure must be approved by the legal supervisory authority.

From the council

Building application unanimously approved was the building project of georg hable, blumenstr. 24a, nordhalben , for the construction of an agricultural shed.

Urban redevelopment the contract for the office linb und pecher, nordhalben, who take care of the vacancy and urban redevelopment management, was unanimously extended for two years. It was usually only possible to take action when the homeowners wanted to sell. More variety had been desired as a task. Now the work is to be structured somewhat differently and the community is to be given more support, e.G., in the form of a "green" project.B. For tenders and everything that has to do with vacancies. In addition, the consultation will no longer be free of charge, but a contribution of 50 euros will be charged, which will go into a demand pot, which will be distributed at the castle meeting to those who need it at the time.

School association mayor michael pohnlein () informed about the dissolution of the school association upper rodach valley. There are now two options for the future. Either joining the kronach school association or concluding a school contract with the kronach school association. At the moment, this concerns 15 schools of the 5. – 10. Class. After the other rodachtal communities also favored the school contract, the committee in nordhalben voted unanimously for the school contract.

Urban development demand in the bavarian urban development demand program, there are new developments: the demand initiative for land unsealing and the program "inside instead of outside". In order to be able to benefit from the subsidies, the market town council passed the necessary self-commitment resolution. In nordhalben, the main issue is the "new center" project, that would fit perfectly into the program. The demand program will also be used primarily, but not exclusively, for this purpose. It is precisely because of the many vacancies in the town that action must be taken. The self-binding resolution was passed unanimously.

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