Number of corona deaths in brazil rises to over 100.000

Number of corona deaths in brazil rises to over 100.000

The number of deaths from the coronavirus in brazil has risen to more than 100.000 increased. Latin america’s largest and most populous country passed that mark in official statistics released by the ministry of health on saturday.

Compared to the previous day, 905 deaths were reported, bringing the total number of deaths since the outbreak of the pandemic to 100.477 rose. There were also 49.970 new infections added – since the first confirmed case in brazil at the end of february, according to 3.012.412 people proven to be infected with the pathogen sars-cov-2.

Brazil’s president jair bolsonaro has long been criticized for his lax handling of the pandemic. He repeatedly referred to the lung disease covid-19 as "mild flu" and resisted protective measures. "Bolsonaro knows that the economic crisis will become extreme, especially in latin america, that many governments will not survive it," german-brazilian political scientist oliver stuenkel of the fundacao getulio vargas in sao paulo tells the german press agency. "He needed a guilty."These are the governors to whom the supreme court has delegated authority.

Bolsonaro often appeared in public without a mouth guard and turned crowds loose – even after his recovery, after he tested positive for the coronavirus a few weeks ago.

There have been repeated demonstrations and protests against the right-wing populist leader’s government’s handling of the crisis. On saturday, red balloons were symbolically released on the beach of the copacabana in rio de janeiro for the corona victims.

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