Onslaught on used

Onslaught on used

The leuchau bicycle boulevard is a paradise for cycling enthusiasts. 421 items had been placed by the RSC in the yard of the ramming family. The majority were bicycles. Older models were available for as little as ten euros. Real bargain prices. The most expensive bike was a high quality touring bike for 2000 euro.

In the best spring weather, the customers stormed the countryside. The first visitors arrived shortly after 9 a.M. And waited patiently until the doors were opened. And when the door opened at 10 o’clock, the snapper experts already knew where their way led to.

At the very front of the yard there were e-bikes at favorable prices. "We have seven e-bikes on offer", according to ferdinand graf of the RSC leuchau. There was also an electric city scooter with a range of 20 kilometers.

Most of the interested people who came to the bicycle fair were looking for a new bicycle for their offspring. 106 children’s bicycles had been delivered to the RSC leuchau. "We have very high quality bikes this year. Some are really still like new", explained roland graf of the RSC.

Paul grieshammer (7) was looking for a "cool" one bike. And he quickly got to the point. His choice fell on a neon-yellow bulls bike. With a price of less than 200 euros, the parents were also in agreement. "That was exactly what I wanted. I can use it to go to my friend’s house – he still has a wheel," he said, the seven-year-old said proudly.

There was also something suitable for little isabella schmidt (4): "the range is really huge", said mom katja schmidt. She found a purple bike for the daughter that she liked right away.

The customer who probably had the longest journey was hubert demuht. He comes from recklinghausen. On the bike lot he found a police bike. "This is for my grandson. My son lives with his family here in the region", said the proud grandpa. Also without offspring was tobias spindler (35) from reichenbach in leuchau. "I was looking for a bike for my daughter. And I found something nice", showed the dad: a minnie bike. The bike was to be brought by the easter bunny, as is the tradition in upper franconia. "The price is right, too", according to spindler.

But it wasn’t just the offspring who got their money’s worth, the adults did too. Gerlinde rosa (52) no longer had a bicycle because it had been stolen from her. "I was looking for a citybike for the city again. For 80 euros she found what she was looking for.

But not only used bicycles, also inline skaters, scooters, kettcars and tricycles were for sale on the farm of the ramming family. By the way, it was not only the ones that looked like new that found a ready market. Some people were deliberately looking for an "old" one bike, so that he could park it in the city – without fear of thieves.

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