Poor building ground leads to increased costs for new kindergarten construction

Memmelsdorf – in july, the memmelsdorf town council held a particularly pleasing meeting on the subject of building a new kindergarten. Architect roland schmitt presented the plans for the construction of a new house for children in the stadium. Christophorus in council committee before. It was agreed that the new building would be an architectural feast for the eyes.

Recently, however, a few worry lines appeared on the foreheads of the councilors. The ground on which the new building is to be erected is filled to a depth of two and a half meters, is downright mushy in places because of the adjacent creek, and some of the foundations have to be laid at depths of between three and five meters if the new building is not to float away. When the construction site is ready, said architect schmitt, a special company will sink meter-long dubels into the ground, then the foundation for the new building will be on the safe side.

The additional costs can currently only be estimated at around 100,000 euros, but will probably remain manageable, according to schmitt. The planner estimated the total cost of the project, excluding the outdoor facilities, at around 6.35 million euros. For the municipality, added mayor gerd schneider, this will probably result in costs of around four million euros.

The CSU faction in the council remained enthusiastic about the kindergarten project, but asked that cost monitoring in the administration always be kept up to date. For the united electoral community of memmelsdorf, martin mattausch noted that kindergartens and schools in memmelsdorf were a priority and that, if the worst came to the worst, a more defensive approach would have to be taken with regard to other mabnahmen.

Andreas spahn from the active citizen’s block in drosendorf, with all due respect for the work of the planners and the administration, then nevertheless painted a spectre on the wall. If the costs of the new kindergarten construction gallop away, as it seems, then the per capita debt of the memmelsdorf residents will possibly rise to one thousand euros per inhabitant by 2021. But this is also not a viable way.

With one vote against, the planning and the continuation of the planning for the new kindergarten in memmelsdorf were able to pass the council committee.

Furthermore, the approval of the development plan changes for the "east industrial area I" was pending on the agenda. There were no votes against. The resolution proposed by dipl.-ing. Jorg meier for the hohnen& engineering office partner presented decision for the development plan "am weingarten in memmelsdorf the council committee.

Finally, the preliminary planning for the parking lot on podeldorfer strabe and the planning for the replacement parking lot for the seehofhalle as well as the open space planning accompanying this approval were approved. A resolution on the "new center memmelsdorf" study area was brought about just as confidently as one loved to pass the mabnahmen zur stadtebauforderung, which had to be submitted for the annual application 2019.

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