Rate reject sites

rate reject sites

Fewer visitors than expected came to the rodachtalhalle . And yet the topic had a certain explosive power. It was about the erection of mobile radio antennas by the company ATC germany munich gmbh in zeyern and seibelsdorf .

Initiatives have been formed in both communities. On monday evening, lists with around 320 signatures against the planned sites were handed over at the municipal council meeting. The frankenwaldverein zeyern also submitted a statement to this effect.

After a discussion lasting about an hour, the council agreed not to give its consent for the time being.

But one after the other. At the end of october, the municipality received two building applications for the erection of mobile radio antennas. One of them, 30 meters high, was to be built in zeyern, the other, about five meters higher, in seibelsdorf. This was justified in each case with the expansion of mobile radio coverage for 4G and 5G. After construction, the masts should be made available to telefonica gmbh (O2) and other mobile radio operators. The flat above the christusgraben was named as the location in the building application for zeyern. The antennas will be 200 meters away from the next development. In seibelsdorf, the radio mast was to be erected between the village and losau, about 400 meters from the next residential development.

And that causes displeasure of the zeyern and seibelsdorf population. On the one hand, the mobile radio antennas will represent a massive negative encroachment on the local image, and on the other hand, they are too close to the next buildings, he said. The area in zeyern is also a valuable zone for rare plant and animal species. The applicant was asked to withdraw his building application in order to look for a more suitable location.

Two weibe spots

The head of the building authority, katja wich, explained at the meeting that the applicant had made up his mind by the time of the meeting. Accordingly, a change in the mast positions is not possible in view of the investments already made, the agreed contractual bases and the existing urgency of mobile radio coverage. The building application is therefore maintained.

Mayor norbert grabner (G) spoke of "two white spots". If these were not closed, there would also be no autonomous driving. Third mayor roland pompe spoke of a "considerable need to catch up in terms of digitalization", but one should try to choose a different area for it. Michael stohr (G) agreed: "mobile radio yes – but at a different location !"

Michael lincke (G) pointed out that the site certificate was not yet available. Up to now there has been talk of five antennas, but who is to say that there could not be more?? Finally, it was decided that the committee is basically in favor of radio antennas. Due to the too close building development, the substantially impaired cut into nature and the not existing location certification one will refuse however the agreement.

It is now hoped that the applicant will consider alternative sites such as those in zeyern in the area of the gypsy cutting muhle and in seibelsdorf on the site of the wind turbines and that the mobile radio antennas will be built there.

22 apartments to be built

There was a green light for the application for a change of use from a commercial enterprise to a multi-family residential building with underground garage, on anger 1, by mediplan helm OHG (former company building wunner). The building is to be converted into 22 residential units. Further 51 parking lots are proven. According to norbert grabner, residential space is urgently needed.

It was informed that the sachsenhausen bridge is completely closed off. At present, the exact renovation extent is being determined. Financial support, according to katja wich, has been promised by the government of upper franconia.

During the citizens’ question and answer session, michael kuhnlein suggested improving the exchange situation between doctors and pharmacies. Katja wich mentioned a feasibility study on how to make the traffic situation safer in the inner city. Possibly a "floating walkway" could be installed in this area.

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