The church square becomes a catwalk

the church square becomes a catwalk

In larger cities, this has been going on for a long time: amateur photographers look for amateur models with whom they wander through streets and alleys to take portraits of the girls in attractive places. Foto-walk heibt das in neudeutsch. We can do that, too, thought stefan hemmerlein of the photo group of the staffelsteiner kultur- und freizeitfreunde and offered a workshop without further ado. The staffelstein town center was ideal as a photo studio. Four young women spontaneously agreed to be models and pose for eight amateur photographers.
The light of the low sun is optimal on this june evening. In the marketplace the first pictures are taken. The ice is quickly broken, because the four young women obviously enjoy being photographed.

Models from maintal and banzgau

Vanessa volger (18) from zapfendorf, nina leicht (21) from eggenbach, julia trutschel (21) from stadel and miriam wurstlein (25) from doringstadt already have experience as amateur models, because they have already loved being portrayed by stefan hemmerlein several times. The 29-year-old discovered portrait photography as a hobby a few years ago. Since then, he has continued his education and is always up to date with the latest technical developments.
From the market square, the models and photographers move through bahnhofstrabe to the church square, which is flooded with evening sunlight. Organ music sounds from the church. The models cast long shadows on the cobblestones of the square, while the photographers align their lenses ("always one!", reminds stefan hemmerlein) and to strengthen the light with a reflector on the respective desired mab. "Shoot as wide open as possible to create background blur", stefan hemmerlein advises his colleagues from the photo group. And they are eager to put vanessa, julia, nina and miriam in scene.
You don't really need much to take good portrait photos, workshop leader explains. He does not mean the equipment, but the environment. Good portrait photos can be taken in almost any place. A streetlamp, a wooden cellar door, a sandstone archway – that's all it needs to be. But the model's laughter is natural.
"This almost goes in the direction of street photography. You walk around and spontaneously find good spots and locations everywhere", says stefan hemmerlein. The man from zapfendorf, who grew up in staffelstein, is himself amazed this evening at how many nooks and crannies there are in the town center that are suitable as backgrounds for a portrait photo.

Taking time to photograph

And what is the response from photographers and models?? Robert geisel and karl-heinz schutz answer with french understatement, they had already learned one or two tricks of the trade. What you need in any case to make good pictures is enough time, the two mannerists agree on that.
And the four young women also had a lot of fun at the workshop. They are already looking forward to the pictures that stefan hemmerlein has promised them. Before that, however, he will edit the recording on the computer. Because that is also part of this hobby.

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