Vsg prevails against durmersheim druch

vsg prevails against durmersheim druch

Table-toppers VSG coburg/grub didn’t let their composure get the better of them on carnival saturday at tus durmersheim. In the end, a well-deserved 3:1 victory, which also underpinned the first place.
Since the host tus team had meanwhile got rid of all relegation worries, it wanted to play freely against the favorite and to trouble the guest a bit.

Although this worked out quite well in phases in the first leg, all sets were lost by a minimum margin of two points. However, in the end, the leader of the table won 3:0, which was quite clear. At least one set win was therefore the goal of durmersheim’s captain marko kienast, who was certain before the match: "the role of club leader actually suits us quite well." In the match itself durmersheim then also got a set. With 25:19 was the host in the 2. Successful in the first round and equalized after the first set (18:25).

But that should have been everything from durmersheimer point of view. For the troop of trainer maric from coburg loved nothing more to burn in the consequence. Set three was won quite safely with 25:19. After that, the coburg team had no desire to go the full distance of five rounds. Full concentration was the order of the day and set four was won 25:18. VSG coburg/grub showed that they are back on track, as they did last time with the home win against mainz.

Defeats ticked off

the defeats at the beginning of the year against russelsheim and in delitzsch have been ticked off. Coburg could now also rely on its strong individual players in durmersheim, but also on the functioning collective. In the hardtsporthalle in durmersheim, 150 spectators wanted to see the game of the league leaders. 99 minutes of good volleyball they got then also offered.

If the VSG continues to hold on to this performance, the next tasks should also be feasible. The next game of the VSG will take place on saturday, 23rd. February, 19.30 o’clock, in the HUK-coburg-arena against the table tenth TSV grafing instead of.

On the carnival weekend, third-placed delitzsch won 3:1 in mainz, as expected, and in the chasing duel, russelsheim beat leipzig 3:2. The guests still have only two minus points more than VSG on their account.

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