Woman with donated uterus gives birth to baby

Woman with donated uterus gives birth to baby


The new mother had been transplanted with a donor's uterus. Three years ago, this had already been achieved in sweden – there, too, a woman became a mother in this way.


Woman with donated uterus gives birth to baby

Baylor university medical center has achieved this medical sensation,reports the u.S. Time magazine. As the magazine further reports, the mother is taking part in an ongoing study of the hospital. The test subjects cannot have children by natural means. Many of them have the mayer-rokitansky-kuster-hauser syndrome (MRKHS).

Donor wanted to make motherhood possible

The donor, a 36-year-old nurse who already has two children and does not want any more, is well known. The mother, who thanks to the transplant was able to give birth to a baby, remains anonymous. The donor, she told time magazine, wanted to give someone else a chance at motherhood: "i have family members who have had trouble having babies, and that's not fair", according to the donor.

The doctors removed the mother's uterus from the nurse in a five-hour operation and implanted it in the mother-to-be. The baby has now been delivered by caesarean section, according to time magazine. Hospital will continue to track baby's health as part of study.


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