A beer contest has broken out in kronach

A beer contest has broken out in kronach

On thursday, mayor wolfgang beiergroblein described the beer brewed for the kronach city spectacle as a beer for feasting and cuddling.

Only the most tender "virginal" ones plants he wanted to use, plowed by virgins in the moonlight. This promise was made by the brewer thomas kaiser to the town bailiff hans gotz last year. Since the town bailiff could not be present at this year's schmaubtag at the kaiserhof brewery, the brewer put back the beer brewed by moonshine for a year. By then, his hop plants planted in the direction of dorfles will certainly have developed accordingly, in order to produce the barley juice with the "kro nicher hop" to make it known far beyond the county borders.

But also the beer brewed by him for this year tasted good to the expectant guests – consisting of representatives of the historical kronach scene and from nordhalben.

Extensive examination of the beer
The right of the bierprufung lies since the 16. Century with the quartermasters, who were allowed to test the drink extensively in terms of taste and root. And this pleasant duty they gladly fulfilled also this year. With loud cheering the brewer loves to bring the first barrel of the fair drink, which is immediately "deflowered" with the wooden hammer became. The beer steins were quickly filled and the first chilled beer flowed down the thirsty throats. The beer was enjoyed by all.

While quartermaster markus steller had initially criticized the fact that there was only air and foam in the hops, he was finally very pleased with the results. His colleague stefan wicklein spoke of a "truly imperial potion", and the grobmeyster of the rytterschaft, sigi mayer, even wrote: "my thanks go to the brewmaster, if i stagger home today happy thanks to schmaub"." Norbert neugebauer hoped that the schmaub would one day also be served in a nordhalben restaurant. Lucas cranach (wolfgang eckert-hetzel) reminded the beer of the foam born. Due to the broad approval stefan wicklein released the schmaubbrau for the already impatiently waiting crowd of guests.

Oberburgermeister wolfgang beiergroblein was pleased with the successful beer tasting. His thanks on behalf of the council and the city went in particular to heidi kaiser and thomas kaiser, who have now maintained the tradition for around two decades.

Fight for the barley juice
Kerstin low of the tourism and event company of the city of kronach had in the youngest meeting of the "working group historical city festival" kegs full of barley juice promised for the performing groups. Unfortunately, something went wrong with the order. So they had ordered relatively coarse and relatively small kegs of kaiserhofer as well as antla beer.

"It's up to the groups themselves how much beer they can take home", made stefan wicklein curious. For a special task he asked the strongest and bravest of the burgerwehr, ausschusser, rytterschaft zum goldenen turm zu cranaha, brave women of kronach, the french reichskreis and the nordhalbener to come forward. They had to test themselves in a kunigundenmabkruge-stemmen and hold with outstretched arm the kunigundenmabkruge made in several colors.

The winner was gisela lang, who won 30 liters of antla beer for her brave women. Second place went to alex schirmer of the ausschussern, for whom there were 25 liters of kaiserhofer. According to the motto "ladies first" after leaving gisela lang in the lead, city councillor bernd liebhardt spontaneously sponsored an additional five liters of beer for the committee members. 20 liters of beer went to the french imperial circle, 15 liters to the rytschaft, ten liters to the burgerwehr, while the guests of nordhalben were allowed to take five liters home.

The new house cow
Before the actual schmaubtag was at the new town hall the new kroniche housnkuh "clara" was brought into office and was. The rough honor was given this year to a one and a quarter year old rabbit of the family arnold and gudrun nentwich from mitwitz.

Cranach signpost
Under the motto "in the footsteps of the snake" the cranach signpost was ceremoniously inaugurated. This directs guests from the kaulanger parking lot and the parking lot at the krahenberg to the upper city.

The signposts in the french colors red and female consist of a white, winged lucas cranach snake, embedded in a red triangle tapering to the top. This idea and its implementation are thanks to eva schreiber-dumlein and the lucas cranach working group.

To carry out the name of cranach
On thursday lucas cranach the elder (wolfgang eckert-hetzel) inaugurated the path with the robed people in a very personal way. "It is an honor for me to carry the name of my town kronach out into the world in remembrance of my childhood and youth", so cranach. It is a great pleasure for him that the emblem once given to him by his employer, the elector friedrich the wise of saxony, adorns the way to the upper town.

"I hope the symbols light up well at night, so that the women can get home safely", said district cultural officer gisela lang. The signposts are also to be understood symbolically. So may kronach be sincere and like a "mountain" standing in the world – so to speak like a spearhead to fight off all enemies.

Tourist significance
Kerstin low explained the touristic context. Thus the signpost is a further thematization of lucas cranach, with which one puts the city into the right light. The cranach snake as a symbol brought guests to the upper town, where they were buried by the cranach head and the bronze model. It was not easy for strangers to find their way up there from the parking lots. In addition to the practical help, the signpost also represents an increase in the attractiveness of the city. Together they walked a part of the path for the first time – to the brewery kaiserhof, where the schmaubtag took place.

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