Abysses open up!

Regarding the reporting on the ash wednesday meeting of the kulmbach SPD, it is written to us: at the political ash wednesday of the kulmbach SPD, no pure showmanship was offered, but the evening was more than informative. What we have learned here is something that very few people in kulmbach would have known, and sheds a whole new light on the property business of the mayor of oberburg in jean-paul-strabe. Abysses open up!

The three-family house was sold to him in 2013 – for only 145,000 euros. A snap, as evidenced by the figures quoted by mayoral candidate ingo lehmann (SPD). Accordingly, the approximately 850 square meters of land alone had a value of 120 000 euros. Before the sale, the building underwent extensive renovation – the estimated cost of which, according to lehmann, was "easily in the six-figure range.

Only the land value and the renovation costs exceed the purchase price many times over. In the neighborhood in jean-paul-strabe, a house is currently being offered for sale. The owner is asking 275,000 euros for the building in its unrenovated state, according to lehmann. It's hard not to think something bad about it, compared to the purchase price of 145,000 euros that the mayor paid for it.

An event that stinks to high heaven. But according to the prosecutor, there was nothing more to be done here in terms of criminal law. For formal reasons – because the statute of limitations of five years had expired – the prosecutor was no longer allowed to investigate the case. Therefore, there can be no talk of a so-called acquittal. At least from a moral point of view. The question arises: can such a real estate business be legal?? I mean: no! Every citizen of kulmbach should ask himself: what would have happened if the incident had become known earlier??

Even if we have to accept all of this for formal legal reasons, the question remains as to the morality of this action and of the person acting on the part of the oberburgermeister, in the sense of christian socialism.

In addition only one remark from wikipedia to the topic: how should an amtstrager, to it also a upper castle mayor's office, its business/actions accomplish? There is a description: "officers shall perform their duties, among other things, impartially, honestly, decently, and without personal advantage." The evaluation should be done by each person personally. I mean, this is not possible, what happened with this purchase! Morally totally wrong! Absolutely indecent, at least to the burghers, who would also like to buy such a snatch at home, but just do not get such a chance unfortunately! And this even from their own stadtebau!

Jurgen mertel Kulmbach

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