Bad kissingen and schondra stand by the project bezirksoberliga

Bad kissingen and schondra stand by the project bezirksoberliga

With DJK schondra and FC 06 bad kissingen, two clubs in the youth sector have dared to take on the adventure of the upper district league. It comes as no surprise to newcomers that the goal of the DJK u13s and the u19s of the 06ers was to stay in the league right from the start. "We did not want to be cannon fodder in the table", was the target of schondra’s coach wolfgang buchner. "That’s why we were a bit relieved after the first match to have already scored the first point against the superior TSV grobbardorf."

But that was only the start of a successful preliminary round, with three wins and three draws, the team is currently ranked eighth. The 06er could not yet fulfill their expectations due to numerous absences. "Alexander seidl and timo schmitt were absent for the entire preliminary round, goalkeeper benedikt kohlhepp was absent for six weeks, and fabio stockerl was suspended as well", coach ervin gergely explains the so far meager two points. He hopes that the return of the performers will help turn the tide in the second half of the year. "We will all give to stay in the league."

Both coaches agree that the considerable time and financial investment is a change for the future. The players have a chance to compete with the best teams from lower franconia. "If youth players end up making the leap to the top in the men’s game, it’s worth it" gergely expects income for the club.

In the long term, this should also be the case for DJK. "The auand is worth it in any case, because DJK schondra has a lot of plans in the future in fubball.", emphasizes buchner, who thanks all those involved for their support. "Financially, the BOL has been put on a solid basis through sponsors and an unstinting effort by the coaches, managers and parents."

The training in both clubs has been adapted to the higher demands and is correspondingly more intensive. The players should constantly improve their running, playing and tactical skills in order to be able to compete against the teams from wurzburg, schweinfurt and aschaffenburg. "We orient ourselves very much to the training offers on the part of the DFB. The players pull along very well despite the high demands, as they simply approach the matter with enthusiasm", wolfgang buchner is pleased.

Due to his age, ervin gergely can measure the success of his work by the fact that his players were used more often in the men’s team, especially in the first third of the season. Therefore, there is also a close cooperation with trainer rudiger klug, in order to be able to design some units more extensively together. "For the boys, it’s great that they can learn from players like christian laus or mario wirth" ger gely sees an additional incentive.

For the coach, it is also important that the young players learn to adapt and subordinate themselves in certain situations. Captain maxi weh ner, who has helped out in the first team from time to time, takes a very positive view of these efforts. "You learn an incredible amount, and it’s fun to play along there." He still thinks it’s possible to stay in the league if the long-term injured are back. "We absolutely have to win against our direct rivals, everyone has to give everything and we will."

The attraction of playing against well-known teams on super facilities has a different appeal for the two BOL representatives. "I had hoped to add a player or two during the winter break, but unfortunately that didn’t work out.", ervin gergely is somewhat disappointed.

DJK schondra, on the other hand, was able to strengthen its small squad with players from other clubs. "We are very happy and thank the losing clubs for giving their players this chance without them having to put on their club glasses right away", wolfgang buchner can report about successful efforts. However, the good performance of his boys in the first half of the season has not gone unnoticed. "We sometimes discover coaches from other clubs at the sportpark in schondra. In the meantime, five of our players have been selected for the DFB national squad", female coach around awakened desires.

But he doesn’t have to worry about the motivation of his boys. Jonas wolf, leon vogler, jonas schmitt and moritz feuerstein see every game in the BOL like an endgame. "We always have to play to our limits, otherwise we have no chance against such opponents." Claudius veth, tim weimann, felix karges and tom hornung also know that there are no weak opponents in the BOL. "Every little mistake is consistently exploited against us."

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