Burger protest in schildeck against the concrete crusher

On monday, 3. June, he had finally had enough, walter fabinger went to the police and filed a complaint. He was not the first. Already on fronleichnam another schildecker raised his concerns against the crushing plant, which now for some time regularly covers the place with a cloud of dust. Well, the breaker is coming off. He is ready for removal, according to mayor bernold martin (CSU). Open questions, however, remain.

"We don't want to be further poisoned in schildeck", fabinger says. Together with some other burgers he protests against the plant. Since the summer of 2012, the company stolz of untererthal has been excavating rubble from the old sinntal bridge at irregular intervals. Initially, the company did not have a permit for the work. Since the end of may there is a permission. Martin attributes the fact that the crusher is now to be removed on the one hand to his initiative. On the other hand, the company had proudly told him that it was finished with the work. First of all, because the authorization is still valid until mid september.

Health complaints
The bad bruckenau police department has forwarded the citizens' complaints to the district office, reports michael herbert, police superintendent. There the concerns were examined. For rolf wolfle, who checked the rubble with the help of a varnish test, has a suspicion. He thinks he has detected tar and sulfur. "It is certainly not healthy!"

Thomas schoenwald, a lawyer at the district office in bad kissingen, tries to take some of the wind out of the sails of the whole affair. "Such tests are very unreliable", he says and describes that after a long time, even tar-free bitumen shows a discoloration, which means that the test is successful.

In addition, based on the complaint, schoenwald reviewed the analysis of the autobahn directorate north. The name has to prove what material it gives for shredding. In this testimony from 1. March 2012 evidence found to be tar-free asphalt, schoenwald says. "There is no reason to believe that it should be any other material."

And sulfur is present in bitumen anyway. But that doesn't make the asphalt dangerous, schoenwald continues. The company stolz did not want to take a position. Schoenwald, however, described the company as "very reliable based on our experience."

Communication did not go well
But the confidence of the citizens has been permanently shaken. "When a company that needed a permit – and a female one at that – doesn't have one, it raises questions", says wolfle. He himself and his partner have been suffering from health problems for some time. "Dizziness, irritable cough, headaches", wolfle names some symptoms. "Six to seven people here are sick. And they all have the same symptoms", wolfle does not believe it is a coincidence. And fabinger stort that part of the material used as a gravel road to the former chicken coop is on the meadow near the abersfelder, right next to his house.

Even though the crusher has now been removed, the questions remain. And the criticism remains. The mayor failed to educate people, says wolfle. The citizens had approached the authorities directly in their concern, and more and more neighbors had called him personally. "That's not our job", wolfle had hoped for better communication. In the municipal council this day, 4. June, the topic is no longer on the agenda, as the mayor confirmed.

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