Hormonal system and well-being are closely related

The hochstadter engelgarten becomes a sports oasis during the vacation season. "Hochstadt goes fit in the angel garden is the motto. The offer is varied. In short interviews, some course leaders introduce us to their sports unit. You can find the daily program on our service page (page 8). Today martina wolf explains "exercises for the hormonal and the drus system". The course starts today, friday, at 10 a.M. And lasts 45 minutes.

What can you expect from "exercises for the hormone and circulatory system"? Introduce?

Martina wolf: they are very simple exercises that anyone can do in between times. I like to combine these exercises with the power of plants. Plants also have a hormonal system to take care of themselves and keep them healthy. This works so well on us humans, that we can support ourselves with it additionally .

Can you describe one of the exercises from the course in a little more detail??

There is one exercise that i particularly like because it makes you feel really awake and vital. We knock. We tap our body little by little. This way we can support a good blood circulation.

With a good blood circulation also our organs are well supplied, which take care of our hormones. Here again the plants come into play.

Are there any conditions for which you particularly recommend participation??

These exercises are suitable for everyone. It’s not about curing diseases, it’s about becoming aware of what everyone can do very simply to support their hormonal and circulatory systems.

Our modern way of life, the "modern" way of living lifestyle is often associated with a lot of sitting, eating too much, electro smog, environmental pollution etc. It is no secret that all this is not good for our well-being. The hormonal and glandular system of our body is very closely related to our well-being, so it is important not to forget about it if you want to feel good.

How do you come to offer such a training session??

Nowadays we humans have a lot of stress. It is a fast-moving time and one tends to forget to take care of oneself. Many people run into burnout and are so stressed that they don’t even notice the first signs.

Here I would like to actively support. For some time now i have been offering wellness evenings, which are aimed at simply taking the stress out of life. To be aware of oneself and one’s own needs and to do something good for oneself, because that is usually neglected.

The exercises for the hormone and drus system are a part of this well-being concept. The questions were asked by waltraud enkert.

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