Kisspark opens in bad kissingen: “a great thing

With his kisspark, frank sterrmann (32) opened a special kind of adventure playground on saturday: on the 16,000 square meter site at wolfsgraben (arnshausen/reiterswiesen business park), the entrepreneur from bad kissingen offers a dozen exciting sports and leisure attractions for active people of all ages. Almost 1.8 million euros invested by him and the heiligenfeld clinics. "The road was long and stony, he told the guests at the official opening on saturday.
Five years ago, sterrmann dreamed of expanding the range of activities offered by his company, which specializes in segway rides and paintball competitions, in the former OBI DIY store by adding new attractions on a rougher surface. Three years ago, he spent months approaching around 20 banks with a well thought-out concept designed for an investment of 600,000 euros. Sterrmann: "I got kicked everywhere I went." Even with a concept trimmed to only 200,000 euros, he received only rejections without certainties.

A partner found
His dream would almost have been shattered if the heiligenfeld clinics had not shown interest in his plans in 2014. "Suddenly it was hit after hit", sterrmann still seemed surprised on opening day. The concept was revised, plans went back and forth between the partners, some areas – like the e-kart track – were upgraded, new offers – like the ropeway and climbing tower – were added. Finally, the current concept was ready.

A significant increase in costs
The required investment sum had tripled to 1.8 million euros. Heiligenfeld clinics and sterrmann negotiated with the banks again, this time successfully. An operating company was founded, the land was purchased. The excavators only arrived three months ago, but the opening ceremony was held on saturday. Sterrmann looking back: "a crazy thing."
Unusual as the development history of the kiss park is its leisure offer: main attractions are undoubtedly the two rough paintball fields, one even suitable for tournaments, the other as western city rather intended for hobby fighters. In addition, there is a 350 meter long e-kart track with twelve vehicles for the time being. "We plan to increase to 20 karts, if it goes well", sterrmann announced at the opening ceremony. This could soon be the case. The queue for the helmet distribution was long on saturday in any case. Another major attraction is the 18-meter-high climbing tower, which is used in three ways: as soon as the handholds delivered from the USA have been approved by customs and installed, people can climb on the tower.

Plunging into the deep
From the 14-meter-high platform, the brave can plunge into the depths on the bungee rope. The tower, which is accessible from the inside, also serves as the starting point for the 100-meter-long ropeway across the kart track. "The ropeway can carry up to 150 kilos", revealed a kisspark employee, who was one of the first to receive city councilor thomas schlembach (CSU) at the other end. Schlembach was enthusiastic about the 'kisspark': "I think it's great. Finally something for the young."

Praise for entrepreneurial courage
Mayor kay blankenburg (SPD) had previously praised young entrepreneur frank sterrmann for his perseverance. Skepticism of new is widespread, he referred to its start-up difficulties. "But he who tries nothing makes his life poorer", the oberburg master invited the guests to join in and then proved his stability and steering skills on a two-wheeled segway.
"We wanted to give a young company the chance to grow and implement new ideas", fritz lang welcomed the financial participation of the heiligenfeld clinics. In addition, the "kisspark" a new attraction for bad kissingen recognized.
There is no connection between the content and the therapeutic offer of the clinic network. "But we are thinking about it", dear kisspark co-managing director michael lang (39) all possibilities open. Frank sterrmann is also thinking again – about a kisspark expansion and additional attractions. "I already have a few crazy ideas, but we wanted to open up like this first, he said, whetting the appetite for more.

For now it's enough
For the first time the present offer was already enough. After all, the "kisspark" unique of its kind in germany, says sterrmann. The new amusement park was very well received by visitors. Visitor markus polzer (20) was particularly impressed by the variety of products on offer: "there's something for everyone here."

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