Kronach district council to review repurchase of frankenwald clinic

Kronach district council to review repurchase of frankenwald clinic

Will the county buy back the frankenwald clinic, which was bewitched in 2005, from the helios group?? Such a desire has already been voiced several times – both by politicians and by the general public. Now there is a first step in this direction.

On friday, the district council faction of the free voters submitted a motion to district administrator klaus loffler (CSU) to have the district administration examine under which conditions the clinic could be taken back and transferred to other sponsors. "It is not a question of anticipating any decision", says stefan wicklein, chairman of the -county council faction. But if a decision is to be made, the data must be reliable. The motion is to be discussed at the first county council meeting in 2019.

Also interesting: this is why managing director christian kloeters left the frankenwald clinic

What the new hospital CEO has to say about the free choice proposal, which two chief physicians will leave the hospital, and why the hospital’s second round of collective bargaining with the service managers’ union is in.Di remained without result, you can read here at infrankenplus (free for subscribers).

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