Lonnerstadt: interim coach against co-coach

Lonnerstadt: interim coach against co-coach

With four points from seven games, TSV lonnerstadt has not started well in the fubball-kreisliga1 ER/PEG season. Alois reinhardt, who had only arrived before the start of the season, decided to resign as coach after sunday's 2:2 against hemhofen. Unexpected news for the club and the players. His successor, gunter kropf, will also meet a new face next sunday in the basement duel with the last team in the table, as FC coach christian martin, who is on vacation, will be replaced by co sebastian hafner.

"Resignation out of the blue"

In a press release the TSV had communicated that reinhardt had drawn the personal consequences from the current table situation of the still winless first team. After the fourth draw (with three defeats), the ex-professional of the 1. FC nurnberg made the announcement to his team in the dressing room. The 55-year-old does not want to make any public statements about it. It's still too fresh for that, he said on the phone. "I was in the cabin with him, it was like a bolt from the blue", reports lonnerstadt's band leader paul bruckmann. "I asked him if he did not want to sleep on it one more night. But he says that this decision is final."

Although the team is winless, it is not on a relegation place. According to bruckmann, the team also showed good playful approaches. "We were very satisfied with his work and were happy to continue with him", says the game director. Also the team had been happy with the coach. Against hemhofen, they played well, created many chances and showed morale with ten men. Accordingly, the spectators were satisfied.

Bruckmann suspects that the meager yield did not live up to the expectations of the former bundesliga and national player. "He equated it with his person: the table position and the four points are not for TSV lonnerstadt, but for alois reinhardt", explains the functionary, who already became active in the evening after this surprising news and received a little support from chance. Bruckmann and kropf know each other from their time together at uehlfeld and went hiking together last weekend. "He mentioned that he could imagine himself as coach of lonnerstadt at some point", reports the match director. At the time, neither of them had any idea how early this collaboration would come about.

Coaching experience at spvgg uehlfeld

"Gunter was of course a bit overwhelmed", tells bruckmann, who contacted the buddy on monday. "He thought about it for a moment and agreed to it." Kropf was coach of the spvgg uehlfeld until 2012 and in the meantime was active as head of department for one season. Otherwise he paused in the past years. He was unable to attend tuesday's training session, and the new coach will be in charge of his first unit on thursday. Three days later, he'll be on the sidelines for the landmark basement duel. "He would have preferred an opponent from above, but he has no pressure at all", says bruckmann.

Two things a lonnerstadt and host burk: since christian martin is on vacation, his co-coach sebastian hafner has the command on sunday. In addition, the fcler bruckmann agreed, saying: "we played well, but unfortunately not rewarded us and missed many opportunities. But there is nothing the coach can do."

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