Mainbernheim trombone choir has reason to celebrate

Mainbernheim trombone choir has reason to celebrate

Trumpets and trombones belong in every brass band. But a pure trombone choir springs from the old testament. He shall praise, glorify and honor god with his solemn blowing. Any ceremony accompanied by the music of a trombone choir highlights the festive side of faith.

The mainbernheim trombone choir can proudly look back on 110 years of existence. He is one of the oldest in all of bavaria. Two world wars could not drive away the brass players. Again and again there are young people who like to use their instruments in the service of god.

The trombone choir was founded by some members of the evangelic young people's association (today known as YMCA). The heroes between the two wars were michael muller and georg herbst. As the first hour's basic manner, they alone kept up the tradition for years. It was not until 1930 that young brass players joined the choir. Muller remained their choir director until well into the 1960s.

They proudly participated in the bavarian trombone meeting in nurnberg in 1936. Even after the second world war, the trombone choir was reestablished. Chorale of praise and thanksgiving at the turn of the year extended the religious program. Soon there were also concerts outside the margraviate town hall. The invitations took them to many towns and cities throughout lower franconia. In 1980 the mainbernheim trombone choir organized the district trombone meeting in the margrave's town.

Women conquer the choir
Once a male-only affair, women have also joined in recent decades. To this day, it has been the kramer brothers who have provided the trombone choir with plenty of their own and married offspring since the post-war period. Rudolf kramer has led the choir as chairman for eight years now. The 13 musicians were happy to follow a conductor again. "Who feels called, may announce itself gladly", invited rudolf kramer in his festive speech during the reception in the town hall.

The men, women and ten-year-old hannes haferkamp involved in the choir proved how well they can play this weekend. Saturday evening they gave a festive concert in the town church of mainbernheim. The district trombone choir of the kitzingen deanery supported them, so that a good 40 brass players made fine music in front of the altar. Under the direction of carl friedrich meyer there were gospels and well-known church songs, which were gladly sung along by the listeners. In between, district chairman andrea wagner presented an honorary certificate for the proud 110 years of service. And the church board donated 1100 euros to mark the occasion.

They accompanied the festive service on sunday together with the friendly brass band from frohstockheim. The leadership was taken over by matthias lux and chairman baron von crailsheim. The service ended with a surprising tango, which was honored by a roaring applause.

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