Not particularly dangerous, but dangerous

According to a city council resolution of june 2011, the city of kitzingen demands repair, reconstruction and modernization of all kindergartens in kitzingen, if not financed by the state, at the current rate of funding in the financial equalization law. For the installation of a cafeteria and the renovation of the building services, fire protection measures and the renewal of an entrance path and the reconstruction of the playground area of the kindergarten in sickershauser strabe, the catholic parish church foundation st. Vincent receives a grant of 60 percent of proven eligible costs. Since the total cost of the mabnahme is expected to amount to around 536,000 euros, the subsidy is capped at 321,000 euros. Since the conversion is not scheduled to begin until the fall of 2018, the funds will be included in the 2019 budget.

The city will continue to bear the costs of transporting schoolchildren from hoheim and sickershausen to the elementary and secondary school in kitzingen-siedlung in the current environment. For children who have no legal claim, it will continue as a voluntary benefit. Although the traffic safety officer and the police had considered the route to school to be dangerous, but not "particularly dangerous", the mayor of the city, siegfried muller, strongly disagreed: "I still have a completely different opinion on this."This opinion was shared by the city council, which unanimously approved the further request.

Conversion of the triple sports hall in the sickergrund continues. After a preliminary discussion in the non-official meeting, both the electrical planning and the specialist planning for heating, ventilation, sanitary and air conditioning were awarded to the wurzburg engineering firm abi. A draft and an estimate of the costs should be available to the city council by the end of the second quarter. The start of this work is scheduled for the first half of 2019.

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