Savings bank service at the station remains

"I was appalled and saddened", says michaela stammberger, manager of the station branch "when i learned that my branch was to be converted to a self-service location." Many customers have felt the same way, she says. "I think this is a good location, especially for older customers, as the train station, bus station and cab rank are right outside the door. In addition, this keeps the city center lively – in many cities, so many businesses and offices were closing, which is not a good development."

On 25. In june, the management board of sparkasse coburg-lichtenfels announced at a press conference that the branch network would be restructured. Three branches where there are only a few service operations per day were to be converted into self-service locations from the first of october, and the service staff were to be transferred to other branches. In addition to the railroad station branch in lichtenfels, the locations in coburg-creidlitz and gemunda were.

In the case of the lichtenfels train station branch, this decision has now been revised: "we had underestimated the importance of this branch to our customers", says siegfried wolki, ceo now. "There is a lot of foot traffic there because of the central location. We realized that this is not expressed by the number of service incidents alone."

Payable service operations include withdrawals, foreign remittances and the issuing of tax certificates. These love to pay off in the station branch on one or two hands, wolki had said at the press conference at the time. "However, we now know that many customers often only have one question or want to hand over something", he now says.

Many customers had contacted the administration and expressed the wish that the bahnhofs branch should remain in this form. "We were then on site, and have spoken with the people there."
Michaela stammberger had a good, open discussion with the management board, she says, and thinks it's great that they reacted so flexibly. "I was very happy that the decision was reversed." Their customers had also reacted very positively. "This is a human decision that is not only based on numbers."

So michaela stammberger will now continue to be available as a contact person at the station branch from the first of october. Only the opening hours were slightly changed, wolki announced.

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