Senior leaders deepened the theme of hope

Senior leaders deepened the theme of hope

The catholic seniors’ forum in the habberge deanery, ebern area, had invited the responsible persons and other interested persons from the local seniors’ groups to a meeting day in the oskar kandler center in kirchlauter. The speaker and guide through the day was the diozesan chaplain for the elderly, pastor franz schmitt from frickenhausen near ochsenfurt.
The annual theme of "words of hope – paths of hope – deeds of hope" was at the center of the deliberations with the subtitle "seven hours time for me". A wide variety of ideas were discussed in depth.
After a short welcome by the chairman of the deanery, bruno deublein, the speaker emphasized that this day should be helpful and beneficial for the nearly 30 participants, both personally and for the work in the local area. A colorful and pictorial "center" made a lasting impression in a rough circle of chairs as well as in between initiated short stories, songs, motif pictures, small group talk and the like. A reference was always made to phrases such as "I hope I don’t forget anything", "do not give up hope", "hopefully we will have good weather", "we hope that world peace will be preserved", "be of good hope" etc. Made.
Particularly pragmatic hopefuls are known, for example, from the bible, such as the prophet noah with the building of the ark, but also from more recent times, for example, the confident missionary doctor albert schweitzer or the committed missionary doctor and nun ruth pfau. Of course, in practical life one should not rely on a "magic" spell hope, but very much on the promise of god that he will guide everything for the best. That one should not "let hope die" real events of the recent past, such as the astonishing coal mine miracle of lengede in 1963 ("ja hort denn keiner?") or the unbelievable rescue of the french cave explorer westhauser after a spectacular crash.

Request for the necessary

For the believing elderly person, the consequence always applies: "lord, give me not what i wish for or hope for, but what i need"."
The eventful day was rounded off with a group service by the speaker in the meeting room, before words of gratitude for the pastor, but also for the "good cake spirits" from kirchlauter were spoken. On

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