Sprayer on the a73 caught red-handed

Sprayer on the a73 caught red-handed

Three young graffiti sprayers attracted the attention of an alert witness on the 73 freeway near forchheim on thursday afternoon. The police officers of the freeway police bamberg arrested two of the youths on the spot. A third sprayer has also been identified in the meantime and is facing criminal charges.

At the noise barrier

The trio made their way to the top of the podium on thursday around 16.15 o’clock at a noise barrier of the A73 between forchheim-sud and forchheim-nord and graffitied parts of the wall with politically motivated symbols and words. In the process, the sprayers caused property damage of about 1000 euros.

Graffiti discovered

In the meantime, an employee of the freeway maintenance department became aware of the fresh graffiti and informed the police. A traffic police patrol in bamberg stopped two of the sprayers, aged 15 and 16, on the spot, while their 15-year-old accomplice fled the scene. However, he could be identified in the course of the initial investigations.

Bamberg police investigates

Detectives from bamberg took over further investigations. The three youths are now facing criminal charges for damaging property and using the emblems of unconstitutional organizations.

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