Where do the cockroaches live?

"Getting children excited about nature and science. Students of the jack-steinberger-gymnasium (JSG) should grow into natural science and biology", this is at least the main concern of agnes brath, who teaches biology and chemistry at the JSG and is also responsible for the vivarium and the biology collection. While some of the exhibits in the biology collection are well over a hundred years old, the vivarium, or "the animal husbandry facility" in german, is a relatively new thing at kissing high school.

The "vivarium" elective course has been running for about three years now where the students take care of insects, reptiles, snakes, jumping mice and fish. Feeding and caring for them is not a problem, at least not during school hours, because on mondays, wednesdays and fridays in the 2nd period they have to be fed and cared for. The smaller ones have to take a break. "Our fifth graders have to learn how to handle the animals, but after two to three months they are "fit" explains agnes brath. The older students of the elective course have a key to the room with aquariums and terrariums and can/must take care of the animals themselves and who is a member of the elective course "vivarium" is making yet another commitment by pledging to sacrifice a week three times a year – even, or especially, during the vacations.

Every animal has its "food card, on which all his peculiarities are additionally noted, so that everyone can also find "his gets meals. Each of the 18 current members of the vivarium elective has their "favorites", his very special animals. For example, clair (13) from the 8d class is mainly interested in insects. And that already since the 5. Class. Someone asked who would take over the insects, and clair came forward. "Why not"? She means, while on her hand a more than finger-long cockroach is moving around. The little animal, originally from madagascar, obviously feels at home here, and clair, too, says: "the cockroaches aren’t that bad, there are far worse insects, like e.G. The insects in the water.B. The locusts that constantly hop in your face", says the teenager, whose wish is to become a biologist one day.

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