A victory with a long run-up for the grabfeld gaels

A victory with a long run-up for the Grabfeld Gaels

TSV grobbardorf – DJK ammerthal 4:0 (2:0).Goals: 1:0 manuel leicht (15.), 2:0 bjorn schonwiesner (38.), 3:0 andre rieb (69.), 4:0 dominik zehe (80.).
For more than seven months, the fubball-nord-bayernligist TSV grobbardorf had not been able to celebrate a home victory. The frustration about this, however, the proteges of trainer andre betz shot off their souls on saturday against DJK ammerthal. They gave the upper palatinate team four goals at once, won clearly 4:0 (2:0).

But this clear result belies the true course of the game. After the initial superiority of the grabfeld-galliers, the men of jurgen press got better into the game after about 20 minutes and also had several chances to equalize. So had midfielder mario zitzmann twice with his head balls for the 1:1 can provide. But first TSV keeper christian dietz prevented with a great reflex the impact of the leather and then zitzmann put after a lieder corner ball the ball just next to the home side’s house, which thus kept their 1-0 lead.

Solo over half the place

This goal was scored by team captain manuel leicht with his fifth goal of the season. After a pass to the again playful andre rieb, the latter saw his better-positioned captain and the latter put the leather into the angle with his right fub, which is weaker in itself (15.). After the guests had missed their chances to equalize, the home team struck for the second time. And this goal was a real eye-opener. Still in the own half grabbed bjorn schonwiesner the leather, loved his solo by no ammerthal stop and also still ice-cold with a placed and unstoppable shot into the far corner finishes. That goal alone was worth the entrance fee.

Despite this break, TSV coach andre betz was not completely satisfied with his men, who did not always show the necessary compactness, especially in defense, and thus allowed the guests a few scoring chances. The defense became increasingly confident in the second 45 minutes, which pleased their coach. "We went into the second half with the idea of waiting and counterattacking to achieve success", said the coach. And the grabfeld-gallier put this also into the act. Because after one of these counterattacks fell the game-deciding 3:0. In midfield, bjorn schonwiesner, who had a tremendous run on the left wing, won the ball and passed it to shaban rugovaj, who played up front. The latter put the leather through at the right moment for the starting andre rieb, who then appeared alone in front of DJK keeper dominik haas, bypassed him and pushed the ball into the empty goal. "That was the end of the story", betz breathed a sigh of relief when he scored a fourth goal.

Again it was a ball win of dominik zehe in midfield, which preceded this goal. After a pass to andre rieb, zehe ran further into the penalty area and directed rieb’s accurate pass into the net. "The victory of grobbardorf is in order", judged both trainers. But the guest coach thought that it was too high. But in the end betz did not care.

Rieb is critical

Lukas illig, who made his first appearance after a long injury layoff, praised above all the effectiveness of his team. "It was very good today. All goals were well played and worth seeing. But the guest made it difficult for us in the first half and also had chances.", he said. His captain was very pleased that it worked out once again at home. "It was certainly a deserved success. From the beginning we showed that we wanted to win at all costs. We have always played fast forward." Andre rieb, who was credited with one goal and two assists, was critical: "we didn’t play as well as we did against eltersdorf and wurzburg. We can do better." Mad
grobbardorf: dietz – zang, mangold, holderle, poznic – illig – rieb (81. Muller), zehe, schonwiesner – rugovaj (76. Spelt), slightly (61. Mosandl)

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