Bicycle health advice and adjustment tips for bicycles

Find out more on bike& how to promote and maintain your health by bike.

In the "guidebook" you get practical tips how to prevent pain.

In the "Adjusting your bike" section, we show you how to properly adjust your bike to achieve an ergonomic and comfortable riding position for your intended use.

In the "Blog" we have interesting articles and test reports on the subject of bicycles and health ready for you. Product news, book presentations, interviews with experts round off the offer.

And now I wish you a lot of fun with bicycle& Health.en.

Pedal painlessly in the future

New bicycle handles? But please ergonomic!

Published by Armin 26. April 2022

Numb or tingling fingers do not have to be! What are the features of ergonomic bicycle grips? The new ergonomic bicycle grips are no longer just round. Most […]

Aaron Ergonomic bicycle handle in the test

Published by Armin 20. April 2022

In this practical test I present the ergonomic bicycle grips from Aaron. The Ergonomic model is available in two versions. As a rubber grip and as […]

Bike ergometer test

Published by Armin 18. February 2022

On this page I present ergometers that I have bought and tested myself. Ergometer test: comparison table bicycle ergometer in […]

Indoorcycle& Speedbike test

Published by Armin 12. January 2022

Indoor bikes and bicycle ergometers are available as an alternative training option in bad weather. On this page you will find my latest indoor cycle and speed bike test […]

Commuting accident with bicycle – what employees should know about it

Published by Armin 27. October 2021

What is actually a road accident? If you're a commuter who drives to work, you've probably encountered the ie of road accidents more often than not in […]

Seatpost suspension: Advisor and test winner

Published by Armin 23. June 2021

Here you will find the right spring seatpost for your bike or e-bike In this article I will show you the different designs, modes of operation, assembly, […]

Bicycle pedal test: platform pedals without pins and metal prongs

Published by Armin 19. Are platform pedals from the City-. Trekkingbike also for mountain biking? How slip resistant are these pedals with normal everyday shoes and minimal shoes? Just everyday riders […]

E-bike leasing: healthy, climate-neutral and tax-reduced to work

Published by Armin 9. April 2020

The daily commute offers a lot of potential for better health in everyday life. If you want to save yourself stress, congestion and chaos in rush-hour traffic, […]

How does functional clothing for cyclists work

Published by Armin 9. November 2018

How to find the right bicycle clothing Bicycles have never been as popular with young and old alike as they are today. Some seek to learn with […]

How children learn to ride a bike safely

Published by Armin 4. April 2019

Pedaling, keeping your balance, steering, braking – riding a bicycle is not easy. Most children are not developmentally proficient until the age of six to seven […]

Roller trainer: How to turn my bike into an exercise bike?

Published by Armin 9.

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