Church renovation in limbach begins

church renovation in limbach begins

The days of the old limbach fire station are definitely paid for. Mayor michael ziegler (CSU) explained at monday evening’s town hall meeting in the large eltmann district that the land issue for the new building will be clarified in the next few weeks. Detailed planning can then be carried out and construction will probably begin next year.

The old fire station directly on the main road neither meets modern standards nor the safety requirements of such a building. The two-winged metal gate opens to the street above the sidewalk – and the vehicle drives directly onto the street. Since the building is also used by the music association and the choir, andrea schuhmann asked whether the two cultural institutions were also being considered in the renovation plans. Michael ziegler explained that the existing structure would remain standing. What might have to be fixed there, so that it can continue to serve as a clubhouse, will be seen after the fire department moves out.

The renovation of the pilgrimage church of maria limbach will also start in the next few weeks; the invitations to tender have already been issued, confirmed church administrator thomas pflaum. Mayor michael ziegler described the balthasarneumann church as a magnet for visitors and a "real signboard" for the whole town. For this reason, it is uncontroversial that the city is contributing more than 100,000 euros to the over one million euro renovation project. Work will start first on the roof, which is more seriously damaged, then the facade, and probably next year an interior renovation will also be initiated.

Because of the supraregional importance of the pilgrimage church, michael ziegler wants to find out what happened to the request for a sign on the highway. Pastor ottmar pottler reminded of his concern. "We submitted the application, but a sign like that costs between 30,000 and 40,000 euros, because it needs such massive foundations on the highway.", the mayor explained.

And another "construction site is being prepared in limbach: "this year we will discuss the redesign of the playground at the old school with the children, as we do with all playgrounds", announced the mayor.

The new bridge at the main lock over to the sports center and the agricultural fields has already been completed. Although the waterway and shipping office built it, the city was still involved with 100,000 euros. From the meeting it was stated that it becomes slippery on the bridge particularly fast, it is not gritted however. Mayor ziegler wants to clarify the conditions with regard to space and litter services.

Almost all of the building plots in the new construction area in limbach have been sold. "We never thought that it would happen so fast", michael ziegler admitted. However, in limbach, as almost everywhere else in eltmann, the end of the possibilities for designating new building sites has been reached. A catalog of the last conceivable sites has been given to the district administration to have them evaluated, but the focus must now be placed more strongly on internal development. The city has been approaching the owners of vacant lots and houses for a long time, but the response has been rather restrained, the mayor explained. "You have to be aware that a house that has been empty for decades is only worth the space it stands on," says michael ziegler, says michael ziegler. If the price is right, the city is willing to demolish such vacant lots and allow new development in the city or town center.

It does not always have to be residential development that follows. By august, a new old town parking lot will be built in eltmann on the land of the former keupp nursery and a neighboring farm, which should alleviate the parking situation near the town hall, church and town hall.

Because the mayor had mentioned the ongoing rehabilitation of the drinking water supply, norbert schlosser asked whether a central decalcification was to be expected in the foreseeable future. Michael ziegler explained that a decision on this would be made when the drinking water treatment system was completed after the elevated tanks had been renovated. The water in eltmann has a hardness of 24 degrees, and descaling can be carried out to a minimum of 16 degrees. He had already had calculations made, said the mayor; central decalcification would increase the price of water by at least 50 cents per cubic meter. First of all, however, the city’s four high maintenance buildings have to be renovated and partly rebuilt, which is a multi-million euro project and will probably take several years to complete.

The parking behavior in the rathausgasse and bohmsgasse was heavily criticized. Above all, a car is often parked there in the evening in such a way that an ambulance or the fire department can no longer drive past, he said. The call for a parking ban became loud. This is actually unnecessary, replied the mayor, because parking is only allowed where the street is wide enough. "Sometimes you have to walk a few meters. We can’t put up signs and paint the streets everywhere where parking is prohibited by law anyway", he appealed for common sense and consideration. He said that it might be possible to talk to the company in question.

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