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Update – Help for Ukraine!Thanks to your great help, the first dogs from Ukraine have moved into our partner animal shelter near Warsaw, as well as in Lesko.

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With all the donations new kennels and huts could be bought and built. Great free runs. New fencing has been created.

Several times a week our Polish colleagues drive tirelessly to the Ukrainian border and as far as Lviv. They bring relief supplies for people and animals and on the way back they take families and their animals to Poland and partly accommodate them privately with themselves.

Dobermann nothilfe page 7 dobermann nothilfe e. v

Our Polish friends can do all this only with our/your/your help and for this we would like to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts.

We would also like to pass on a thank you from Poland:

Dear friends from Germany, it is a great need for us to thank you from the bottom of our hearts for your so important and generous support. We also help the animals of our Ukrainian friends, who – as you can imagine – are in special need. We thank you. Also on their behalf from the bottom of our hearts.

Greetings to you …,❤ Fundacja Wzajemnie Pomocni

It would be wonderful if you would continue to support us. Every cent we transfer to our two Polish partner animal shelters, so that the great help can be continued on site.

IBAN: DE08 5735 1030 0012 0035 88

Manage.Zw.Help for Ukraina

Verw.Zw. Help for Ukraina

Donation receipts can be ied for donations of EUR 300.00 or more. For amounts up to EUR 300,00 the tax office recognizes the bank statement. (more …)

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Again this week ..

Our Lex is a bright, intelligent Doberman who wants to be exercised not only physically but also mentally.

We are looking for Lex a quiet Doberman experienced environment, without children, evtl. with a sovereign bitch, where he can arrive in peace and trust.

Who gives Lex a new chance?

Here you can find our placement dogs

Update on our Dread Disease

New in the mediation!

dobermann nothilfe page 7 dobermann nothilfe e. v

dobermann nothilfe page 7 dobermann nothilfe e. v

Greetings from the new home!


We are urgently looking for foster homes for Dobermans!

Anyone who knows a Doberman knows how much love, loyalty and sympathy emanate from the Doberman. Dobermans are very sensitive. Human animals. A Doberman is a working dog and wants to please its humans – consistency and rituals give it security.

It is all the worse when a Doberman is torn from its beloved environment. Often personal strokes of fate lead to the beloved dog having to be relinquished. Such a decision is not easy for anyone. Often you are lucky enough to still be able to find a new home for your beloved four-legged partner. However, there are also situations where life changes abruptly. In order to be able to support in these cases as Dobermann emergency aid, we are dependent on foster homes, which can step in fast as a new "home on time". We are often the only. Last alternative for such dogs. Many shelters are overcrowded or refuse to accept Dobermans. Finding the right home via online portals is like looking for a needle in a haystack.

Please help us to help Dobermans in distress!

Main sponsor of the Dobermann Nothilfe e.V.


We say thank you.

The Doberman emergency e.V. is a non-profit association, which is considered particularly worthy of support by the responsible tax office Altenkirchen (tax no.The association is recognized as a non-governmental organization (association no.: 02/660/3300/8) and entered in the register of associations at the Montabaur District Court (register no.: 02/660/3300/8).: 2707) is entered.

The Doberman emergency e.V. Has the approval of the veterinary office, 57610 Altenkirchen according to § 11 para. 1 no. 5. The drivers of the Doberman emergency e.V. Certificate of competence for drivers. Caregivers under article 17 para. 2 of Regulation (EC) No. 1/2005.

You will find all other legal information in our imprint

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