Eye problems complaints and clinical pictures of the eye

eye problems: Complaints and clinical pictures of the eyeThe eye is a particularly complex organ. The interaction of lens, nerves and cornea makes vision possible in the first place. However, with increasing age or in the case of certain diseases, eye problems may occur that partially or even completely impair the ability to see. These range from easily treatable eye complaints, such as conjunctivitis, to conditions that can even cause blindness. What are the causes of these eye diseases? And how can the various complaints be classified? What causes. Symptoms have eye problems?Diseases of the eye can be based on a variety of causes and symptoms. Thus, diseases and injuries are a possible reason for decreased vision. But not always there is a disease-related cause. Too little sleep or too long screen time can also trigger eye problems. Often, the discomfort is also caused by foreign objects that have gotten into the eye.

Depending on the cause, eye discomfort manifests itself in different symptoms. Often it is mainly the deterioration of vision that leads patients to the ophthalmologist. Other symptoms of eye problems include:

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