Father, mother and eleven children make music: family reunion on the lake stage

Father, mother and eleven children make music: family reunion on the lake stage

When next sunday, 26. August, from 3 p.M. The "buddl express e.V. Playing the first notes of this year’s summer concert, all music lovers will be able to witness an auberge family reunion. The grobfamilie neubauer from windheim plays for the third time on the lake stage.

This time eleven of the twelve children are actively participating, as well as mother katharina, who only recently learned the baritone, and father burkhard neubauer as a sanger. All of the children have enjoyed first-class brass music training, so that nine of the 20 brass musicians on stage have already earned the D3 gold badge of the north bavarian music federation. A brass band within one’s own family is not only already, but also requires a great deal of scheduling coordination. Regina eigler – the neubauers’ eldest daughter – travels from berlin to play in the concert. Also, all the musicians have planned their vacations in such a way that one is as complete as possible on the stage.

For the musical director florian neubauer it will be a farewell concert, as he will then go abroad for a year to further his professional development. His wish was also to play the tenor horn together with his brother lukas once again. So he has passed the baton for this afternoon to simon ehnes, the 1. Solo cornetist of the bamberger brass band. He has also led several workshops at the association.

Next to the popular marches "abel tasman", "the land of tirol" and the "badonville march" in the arrangement of berthold jungkunz both have "our little bench" wished by norbert galle. From the beginning also katharina schmitt, the girlfriend of christoph neubauer, is present at the transverse flute. At this concert, however, she will also step up to the singing microphone for the first time. Also sarah neubauer has prepared some new songs for the concert, which she will perform. The program is led by a "women’s expert" samuel neubauer.

That all the members of the family are passionate musicians, they prove again and again with what they do. So they even invited district conductor roman steiger to a rehearsal to further improve the overall playing and rhythmics. The concert program, which lasted almost three hours, was filled with musical pearls of bohemian wind music, as well as newer pieces.

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