Gottfried hader was active for 24 years in the church administration of kronach

"A lot has happened in 24 years. I have many fond memories of my time in church administration. But of course there were also sad experiences", tells gottfried hader. For almost a quarter of a century, he was a member of the church administration of the parish of st. Peter. Johannes in kronach, before that he had already spent some time on the kronach parish council. For him, for example, the successful general renovation of the kreuzberg kindergarten with its integrated new daycare center was a great joy. "The current kindergarten is even more beautiful than the new building at the time. It's just nice to have a rough project like this done together and be able to close it out.", hader is pleased.

This also applied to the inauguration of the new parish center st. Johannes in october 2008. The saddest experience for him during this time was the death of pastor gunter hubner, with whom he had worked very well and whom he had appreciated very much. "It was hard for me to see how he got worse and worse and finally died, says the retired financial officer still visibly affected. Hader justifies his decision not to run for the post with his age and the fact that he will be 80 in six years.

His successor is the 68-year-old director of studies i. R., wolfgang simon, with whom hader already worked in the past in the church administration. Hader is certain: "it is important that this post is taken over by someone who is no longer a professional. On the one hand, the work and time demands are already high, especially in such a large parish as kronach. On the other hand, many appointments take place during the daytime, so that this is usually difficult to combine with a job."

Newly elected church administration
The newly elected church administration of the parish of st. Johannes consists of the members elisabeth fischer, georg beetz, thomas beierwaltes, ludwig hertel, wolfgang simon and new: burkhard grebner, toni hempfling and christian kapfhammer. Armin herbst, thomas rauh, heinrich pfaff and gottfried hader leave the board.

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