Her joy of life was contagious

She was not just a witness. With aja soldner asleep on tuesday night shortly after her 88th birthday. On her 20th birthday in the palliative care unit of the bamberger hospital, a person who shaped bamberger life in the second half of the 20th century passed away peacefully. The crisis of the twentieth century was influenced and warmed by her coarse heart, which in the end became increasingly weak.
As anna maria no one knew her. Everyone just calls her aja. And there are many in bamberg and far beyond the city limits who know, like and appreciate it. Anyone who was lucky enough to find themselves on a warm summer evening in the lush garden of her family home in lorbersgasse with a view of altenburg castle, surrounded by mostly young people, not just students at bamberger university, who were perhaps dancing sirtaki in a good mood, knew immediately that aja soldner not only imparted sporting knowledge with ease, but also had the gift of being able to transfer her always unshakeably good mood to her surroundings in no time at all. Talking badly about her fellow human beings was alien to her, listening her gift.
In bamberg, in the last decades of the last century, it was a common saying: "I have also danced with the aja"." Or gymnastics or swimming. Despite or perhaps because of her childhood and youth in the nazi dictatorship and the second world war, her warm-heartedness has developed. As the daughter of bamberg sports teacher georg muller, she attended the anni rossert-hahn school of dance and gymnastics when she was four years old. Since the death of her teacher in 1978, aja soldner has led jazz dance and gymnastics classes at the volkshochschule, and later also countless water gymnastics classes at the aufseesianum.
Aja soldner taught dance and gymnastics at bamberger university for around two decades. Unforgotten are the first uni-altstadtfeste in the courtyard of the old pennal just behind martinskirche, which her students enriched with their dance and gymnastics performances. She was also a popular sports teacher at what was then the english institute, franz-ludwig-gymnasium and kaiser-heinrich-gymnasium.
Aja soldner, mother of three, who went through life with her eyes wide open, her opinions well-founded and firm, shepherded for many years the flock of sheep of her husband klemens, the bamberger original and magician "clementino", looked after in the devil's ditch and helped with many lamppings. In 2013 the diamond wedding anniversary was celebrated. Together with her husband, she also launched the still popular rosenmontagsballe (rose monday ball).
Her flower garden was her joy for a long time to come. She became an accomplished grower of zinnias, whose colorful splendor was also enjoyed by the local editorial team. Next tuesday (12.3 p.M., blessing hall of the cemetery) aja soldner is laid to rest. 

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