Intensive youth work has already paid off

Chairman axel braun used the end-of-year celebration of the vfr stadt bischofsheim to take a look back at sports and to cast a glance into the future. In the summer, the women’s team had to accept relegation to the upper district league, which could not have been prevented due to many injuries. In the current season, the team is currently in a middle position, which will be defended after the winter break.

One of the association’s focal points has been youth work for many years. After the 2017/18 season could still be contested independently without a spielgemeinschaft, a partnership with the SG walddorfer from the E-juniors to the A-juniors was entered into for the new season 2018/19. This cooperation is initially planned for the next two to four years, as the development in the junior area with grade-level fubball only allows shorter time intervals. The vfr has 80 children of all ages from its own ranks.

The men’s team was the flagship of the past sporting year for the vfr. The players managed nevertheless after only one year abstinence again the ascent into the circle class. This success was astonishing, since the former coach roland ohlenschlager had to rely on some players who were still playing in the youth team the year before. A proof of the good and successful youth work, that the youngsters could find their way so well and so quickly into the men’s team.

That this success was no flash in the pan can be seen in the current season, because this young team is currently second in the table, five points behind the third-placed team. Certainly, the newly hired trainer frank kirchner has also played a major role in the team’s further development. Finally, there were honors.

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