Lead pipes as water lines must be replaced

Lead pipes as water lines must be replaced

For health reasons, a liter of water of 1. The federal environment agency and the federal ministry of health announced in dessau and berlin on monday that the lead limit for december will not be exceeded by more than 0.01 milligrams. If the limit value was exceeded, the lead pipes usually had to be completely replaced.

Water suppliers and landlords who have not completely replaced their lead pipes by the deadline must inform them in writing or by posting a notice. This regulation is aimed at small residuals of lead pipes that are still present and only bring a low concentration with them, it was said in the ministry of health.

"If the lead limit is exceeded in a pipe, the health office can oblige the water supplier or the landlord to eliminate the cause of the excess," said the president of the federal environment agency, jochen flasbarth.

Lead, a neurotoxin and blood poison, affects the development of the nervous system. Children absorb significantly more lead than adults. Even concentrations of 0.01 to 0.025 milligrams affect blood formation and intelligence development before birth and during the first years of life. Unborn children in the womb and young children are particularly at risk. Experts are particularly concerned about creeping pollution due to the intake of small quantities.

Under a drinking water ordinance that came into force a good ten years ago, lead limits have been gradually reduced. Buildings built before 1970 may be affected by the replacement of lead pipes. After that, no more lead lines were installed.

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