Merger: “euronics”-schlegelmilch becomes “expert-schlegelmilch” in habfurt

merger: 'euronics'-schlegelmilch becomes 'expert-schlegelmilch' in habfurt

The two electronics stores in habfurt "euronics XXL schlegelmilch gmbh" and "expert habfurt gmbh" want to work together. They are planning a joint market, as the company schlegelmilch announced.

According to schlegelmilch, the electronics industry is currently undergoing a change, which is characterized by more demanding customer wishes and a hybrid retail structure that is becoming stronger: specialist store – online shop. This would also apply to the two electronics markets expert and schlegelmilch, both located in habfurt.

Due to the planned new shopping center in habfurt, a "decisive moment was reached to talk about a possible cooperation," according to the statement.

"Joint contract"

The result is a "joint contract that takes account of the necessary changes and turns the two existing specialist markets in habfurt into a joint, even more powerful company. The company euronics XXL schlegelmilch and the company expert habfurt have joined forces to meet the current market situation in order to offer the best to the customers at the habfurt location."

The shareholders of the companies "euronics XXL schlegelmilch gmbh" and those of "expert habfurt gmbh" have reportedly agreed to continue operating the new joint company at the current location of the schlegelmilch company, godelstatt 8, in the gewerbepark ost and to close the site at industriestrabe 29 on 31. July 2019 to be closed. Michael schlegelmilch will continue to be represented in the management of the store. The new store will be part of the expert group in the future. The joint company will become "expert schlegelmilch heiben.

The repair and service workshop of the company schlegelmilch will remain unchanged. The start of the joint sales activities is the 1. August 2019, it continues in the company’s press release

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