Municipality takes over five solar plants

Sigismund von dobschutz after a unanimous decision of the municipal council, the market town will take over five photovoltaic plants from two private companies in the foreseeable future. When they were founded 20 years ago, it was decided that both would be dissolved when the feed-in contract with bayernwerk AG expired, and a connection use for the plants was to be found.

The municipality has now received an application to take over ownership of the solar plants for the symbolic price of one euro each.

As part of its environmental concept from 1996, the market town of bad bocklet had encouraged its residents to get involved with the topic of "electricity generation from solar energy" to deal with. The idea of purchasing photovoltaic systems and installing them on municipal buildings arose from the environmental regulars’ meetings at that time. In march 2000, 25 bocklet citizens founded the bad bocklet solar power company, following the example of hammelburg and setting a good example for the entire district. However, for reasons of municipal law, the municipality was not allowed to become a shareholder itself. The three solar power plants – one on the social building of the building yard in aschach, two on the school in steinach – were to feed the electricity produced into the public grid, generate the acquisition costs with the fixed feed-in tariff and, in the best case, achieve a surplus. After this first project had been implemented, a second citizens’ society was founded in september 2001 by 17 residents at the suggestion of the community – the photovoltaic society of bad bocklet. Two of these solar plants are mounted on the roof of the kindergarten in steinach.

Contract was signed

Since bayernwerk AG has now terminated the old feed-in contract with the end of its 20-year term and it is not clear, either legally or in terms of electricity technology, what is to happen to the five electricity plants, both burger companies have now applied for their five plants to be taken over by the municipality free of charge. Chamberman patrick konen therefore proposed to the municipal council that, after taking over all the plants, they should use their electricity for their own consumption, for which only reconnections in the fuse box were necessary.

Of the 7500 kilowatt hours required annually at the building yard, about 2400 could be supplied by the photovoltaic system, at the steinach kindergarten 4800 of the annual 6000 and at the school also 4800 of the annual 7000 kilowatt hours.

As chairman of the council meeting recommended 3. Mayor uto-paul schmitt (FCW) recommended to the municipal council that the three older turbines be taken over as of 1 january 2009. January 2021 and the two younger ones a year later at the symbolic price of one euro each. "All the systems are running smoothly and we are able to cover at least part of our power requirements with them."

But local councillor jurgen reub (CSU) initially objected: instead, he recommended dismantling the old turbines and replacing them with new ones and signing a new feed-in contract for them. "The amortization is easy to calculate." But 2. Mayor norbert borst (CSU) disagreed: the municipality should take over the old facilities and only replace them with new ones in the event of tree removals. His colleague schmitt agreed and added: "as a municipality, we have a moral obligation to take over the burger facilities." Finally, the council unanimously approved the takeover of the five photovoltaic systems.

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