Neumann makes many house calls

The candidates of the CSU/NWG trebgast started the municipal election campaign with a burgers’ table at the friedrich inn. During the strong drink, the upcoming projects in the community were discussed.

Mayoral candidate herwig neumann noted that the issues of the CSU/NWG are well received by the population. The group was the first to recognize that flood protection is important in all parts of the community. The citizens are also interested in the concepts for a long-distance gas connection or a decentralized heating network. Neumann was pleased that the other groups had also adopted the election campaign themes, saying that this was a good basis for future cooperation in the municipal council.

Many ideas implemented

Councillor gunter teufel referred to the ideas of the CSU/NWG that had been implemented. He mentioned the maintenance of the railroad walkway at the sports stadiums, the lighting of the railroad path or the asphalting of the composting plant.

The mayoral candidate promised to improve contact with the representatives at federal and state level and thus to achieve more for the municipality.

Rainer lauterbach of the NWG was pleased that in herwig neumann a candidate had been found who had been a member of the municipal council for over 22 years and whose experience and competence could be relied on.

Finally, herwig neumann reported on the first hundred or so house visits to burgers. It was a matter of honor for him to introduce himself personally to all the residents of the community.

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