New signposts are erected

From tuesday, 12. May, new advance signs will be installed at a total of seven locations around the berliner ring/starkenfeldstrabe intersection. "Each mounted on a tubular mast at a height of 2.50 meters or more, they point the way to supra-locally important facilities in the urban area such as clinics, airports and bambados, as well as to other destinations such as the A 70 and A 73 highways", explains the city press office in a release.

According to this, the first step in the work will take place until 16. May the excavation and foundation work, four of them along berliner ring and three in the course of starkenfeldstrabe. The actual work will take place in the side area, i.E. In the roadside grass or median strips. "For traffic safety reasons, the construction area must be secured against the roadway and the adjacent sidewalk/bikeway. This also means that the auberste lane must be closed and the traffic on the remaining lane is summarized past the construction site", reports the city. The following traffic regulations must be observed: on the berliner ring in the direction of sud (hirschaid) as well as in the starkenfeldstrabe stadteinwarts the outer lane must be closed in each case. The right-hand turn lane from berliner ring into starkenfeldstrabe (stadteinwarts) as well as all other turn lanes are unobstructed. Speed limits apply due to the construction sites. In the area of the sites along berliner ring, the work is being done from the walking/biking path. The passageway is closed, the bypass will be at the neighboring intersection. In the area starkenfeldstrabe stadteinwarts before the intersection berliner ring, the work is done from the roadway and the sidewalk. The sidewalk/bike path shall be maintained with a minimum width of. One lane in the direction of the city center is eliminated.

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