On-site meeting at the source

Despite the two-month summer break, the geroda market town council did not have much to discuss on wednesday. Three building applications, the extension of an attic, an annexe and the construction of an agricultural hall in geroda, were unanimously approved by the committee.

No objections were raised against hans-jurgen buhner, who was appointed by the district administration as joint data protection officer.

Local councillor holger knauer asked about the protection of the springs of the village. According to mayor alexander schneider, the water quality is better than last year, despite the persistent drought. He invited the committee to a site meeting at the spring in platz. Date is friday, 11. October, at 9 o’clock. Because the community is looking for another source of water, the spring will continue to be monitored and examined more closely.

Hans roth asked if trees had been planted below the cemetery in platz, in the old garden. For the purpose of designing this area, the mayor was approached by young citizens who wanted to take care of the planning, schneider further informed.

The municipality organizes an annual excursion for the young burghers. This year 60 people participated, twice as many as last year, the mayor reported. And everyone was enthusiastic. Europapark has more to offer, but tripsdrill was chosen for its shorter travel time. In the meantime, the amusement park had also "made itself".

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