Rough crowd at coburg technofestival

"This is the highlight of the year!" Declare pierre and nelly. Basse makes the asphalt on the former BGS grounds in coburg shake, lights flash through the crowd, artificial fog rises up. There is whistling, dancing, shouting and clapping.

Then the music stops for a moment and when it starts again, the stage explodes in a multitude of lights; one’s own body is again shaken by the masses.

Those who were at the former BGS site on saturday can probably remember these and similar scenes. For the second time, the association crossart has under the title "come together open air a techno festival in coburg organized. Artists from the city of vesta, but also from all over germany, stood from noon to 11 p.M. On two different stages and at the mixers. They all accepted the invitation of martin michel and kai reibenweber. The two artists from coburg were busy with the planning since the beginning of the year.

They also brought andreas henneberg from berlin, who is internationally known in the scene, to coburg. "The request to andreas was originally just a joke," michel says, explains michel. But then they got along well and after all this was a premiere too. "Andreas had never been to coburg before, so it had to be done", says michel.

About 1000 visitors

You can see the effort of the organization on both of their faces. The big end comes at the end, as is well known. "Last week we were busy every day for 12 hours", michel says "yesterday it went on until four o’clock in the morning, but it was worth it." Others saw it that way too.

Almost 50 fans, musicians and club members helped at the entrance, sold food and drinks, took photos and made sure that the 1,000 or so visitors were comfortable and could dance together peacefully. They all worked on a voluntary basis. All the profits go to modernizing fire protection in the former BGS barracks. "We can not use our studios and rehearsal rooms at the moment. That’s a real problem", explains kai reibenweber.

But not this evening. There is a good atmosphere, the visitors are mostly under 30, but otherwise they don’t have much in common. "I just came along with my friends, I find techno a bit boring, not enough variety", explains robin from sonneberg. Of course she was there last year, says nancy: "but this year they’ve really stepped it up again." Yousef thinks: "there should be such festivities more often. Music calms me down from my stressful everyday life."

Jarno puts it in a nutshell: "techno is tolerance. Festivals like today give you a place that cultivates this culture. No matter where you come from or where you want to go, the people here will let you live the way you want to live."

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