The interest is huge

A truly enormous project is being developed here: the "multigenerational residence" in hirschaid. It will be home to 50 owners or tenants and is particularly suitable for seniors or people with disabilities. The four buildings, all the apartments and all the rooms will be barrier-free and wheelchair-accessible. With purchase prices ranging from 170000 to 490 000 euros per apartment, the order volume can be estimated at well over ten million euros: currently the largest building construction project in a row. Involved are the K& M immobilien gmbh kronach and AS bau und immobilien gmbh kups. The planning and construction management is the responsibility of "projektentwicklung zusammen wohnen – zusammen leben gmbh" (project development living together – living together) in kups.

Mayor klaus homann (CSU) is pleased that the market town of hirschaid will be able to present such a housing complex next year at the latest. It serves to ensure that elderly residents can live independently in their own four walls for as long as possible, up to care level II, explained homann. The move to an old people’s home or even a nursing home could thus be postponed by a long way. An important part of the property will be a social station, which will be operated by niepel, an outpatient care service already known in hirschaid. The hirschaid health center with various doctors, pharmacies and sanitary facilities is also located in the immediate vicinity of the new building. In addition, there are the numerous infrastructural facilities of the market town – from the hotel restaurant to the XXXL cafeteria, from the museum to the town hall.

The project has therefore already spread far and wide. A homebuyer came from the hessian mountain road to attend the groundbreaking ceremony for her future "residence" wanted to attend: looking forward to the end of life in the vicinity of their descendants. About 40 percent of the 50 apartments that will be built on the field, which was last used as a cornfield, have already been sold, reported karl-heinz wunder from
"project development".

A nice side effect

Mayor homann is pleased that as a side effect of this project, realschulstrabe can be extended to industriestrabe at the height of the lidl market. This would serve to reduce traffic congestion at the junction of realschulstrabe and maximilianstrabe. At present, up to 40 buses were arriving and departing there during school hours. The buses could pass the secondary school in one-way traffic artfully. However, at the groundbreaking ceremony, homann had to admit that the acquisition of land for this tram construction had not yet been finalized; negotiations with the commercial owner, however, were in the final phase.

Due to the time-consuming acquisition of the land, the hope of having a second access road at the start of construction of the multi-generation residence was not fulfilled. For the time being, the realschulstrabe, which has been extended by a gravel road, has to cope not only with school bus traffic but also with construction traffic. The entrance and exit at maximilianstrabe and the high number of schoolchildren at the beginning and end of lessons are particularly critical. The situation is aggravated by the fact that construction of the multi-million dollar extension to the secondary school is scheduled to begin in may. The only thing still outstanding is a grant from the bavarian state government, homann informs us. And the residents of the houses on realschulstrabe are already ready with a list of signatures to express their ideas about the use of the erschliebungsstrabe, which they once helped to pay for. So it’s all happening on the high ground!

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