Top duel blown away by the wind

The "infranken-kick between kreisliga-2-leader TSV neunkirchen and the direct pursuer SV ermreuth was cancelled due to weather conditions. A decision with which the guests in particular struggled, because according to their opinion, other reasons than the weather had been decisive for the cancellation. Only two matches in this division defied stormy weather: weingarts was lucky that host SK lauf II had an artificial turf and did not have its best day. SC kuhlenfels, on the other hand, found both good pitch conditions and strong hosts at FC ottensoos.

TSV neunkirchen – SV ermreuth out.

Nothing was it with the top derby of the neighboring places, which under the slogan "best storm against weibe vest" had been announced. Primus neunkirchen was to play the unbeaten SVE on saturday at 15.30 o’clock, but in the morning the news about the cancellation of the game made the rounds and caused – especially in the ranks of the guests – astonishment. Since the pre-match of the reserves was also cancelled, there was a lively discussion in the social media. On the facebook page of "brandbachkicker it laconically: "fortunately, the federal league is coming".

SV-player-coach maik sprenger was also quite surprised on the phone, but did not want to accuse anyone of anything: "from the rules it is legitimate and since a few years implemented practice, that you can decide as a host yourself, if a pitch is playable. For particularly questionable cancellations, the association, in the person of the district game director, also considers the consequence of scheduling the game on the other day at the opponent’s field, but after the expected cancellation in mid-september, when kuhlenfels was forced to cancel the duel against weingarts at its own schoofmelkerkerwa, there was no reaction."

The whole week there had been a rumor around SV ermreuth that the shortage of personnel at the hosts could be a reason to cancel the summit match. "I and my team do not want to participate in such speculations, although we were very happy to compete with TSV. Currently, we have a really good run and it would certainly become an exciting game. I definitely couldn’t play on saturday because I’m injured, but my boys had managed this thing without me", explained sprenger.

Neunkirchen’s coach joachim muller had not yet been able to form his own impression of the pitch conditions at the time of the interview. "My game director informed me in the morning that we cannot play. Since that is in neunkirchen also not differently than with most associations that for the lawns responsible persons decide this within a committee, in order to avert consequential damage, we can only follow these decisions. In the short notification I was not only the right next to the gelande running fire creek, which has often provided for deep run, as a causer was named. The responsible persons wanted to be on the safe side because of the announced heavy storms, since our sports fields are surrounded by high trees."
Whether the match is still scheduled for this year probably also depends on the clubs involved. According to information in the BFV’s schedule for the erlangen/pegnitzgrund match district, the following regulations apply for this season: "after the 26th match of the season, the teams will meet in the following round of matches. November no more league games are scheduled by the federation. During the summer season, catch-up games and cup games can be scheduled on any day." The clubs had to worry about rescheduling this year themselves. Hu

FC ottensoos – SC kuhlenfels 5:0

The home side was one size too big for the weak kuhlenfels team. Nevertheless, the guests had the first opportunity when thomas wolfel appeared alone in front of the FCO home, but failed at the strong keeper (16.). "If that goes in, it might have been a completely different game", said SCK coach christopher schraml after the match. The motto of the guest was to let himself fall and to set needle strokes. With a lead in the back would have been certainly easier.

Instead, ottensoos broke through the bulwark of the guests with a steep pass and peter maric slid in for the 1:0 (24.). When dominik umbeer on pass of peter straubner still before the side change raised (38.), was the "kumas"-belief broken, ottensoos was too strong in terms of play, maric added the 3:0 (56.). Schraml was already thinking about tuesday, when he and his boys will meet FC schnaittach – an opponent, where something is more likely to be won. "We have spared after the 0:3 players for tuesday." Straubner (70.) and lukas heinlein (82.) took advantage of this. "We have to put the game behind us and quickly concentrate on the next tasks", summarized schraml. Uwke

SK lauf II – DJK weingarts 1:4

DJK coach arne schmidt thought his team benefited from the artificial turf pitch in lauf and the way the "maigischer" played had supported. His boys immediately found their way, a deflected shot by christian kosel dusted florian erlwein to the 0:1 (11).). Afterwards, however, jan lebrecht headed in a corner kick to make it 1:1 (16.).

"Lauf had two opportunities to take the lead, then it would have been exciting again", schmidt said afterwards. However, the fans saw a "goal of the month" on the other side. Sebastian friedl sank a free kick from 30 meters into the corner for 1:2 (45 minutes).). Rather filigree made it michael antes also by freistob. Unlike friedl circled the ball from the sixteenth corner to 1:3 over the wall (56.). Shortly after, kosel scored the final goal with a well-placed shot (62.). "After the 4:1 we only managed the result and saved our strength for the game on tuesday", explained schmidt, who was visibly pleased with the victory. Uwke

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