Wg schlammersdorf was one vote short of a second seat

25 percent more votes for the wahlergemeinschaft (WG) schlammersdorf than in 2014 were not crowned with success in the municipal elections: 776 more votes than six years ago were not enough to place another councillor from schlammersdorf on the municipal council in hallerndorf. According to the wahlergemeinschaft, just one vote out of over 40,000 was missing for a second municipal council from schlammersdorf, which was a novelty in hallerndorf municipal politics.

With the old electoral system, schlammersdorf would easily have been represented with two seats. The bavarian state parliament decided in 2019 to change the payment procedure from hare-niemeyer to the new procedure according to sainte-lague/schepers, in order not to put small groups like the electoral group schlammersdorf in a worse position. But this decision was in the case according to wahlergemeinschaft schlammersdorf ad absurdum led.

According to the new payment procedure sainte-lague/schepers, the WG schlammersdorf was 0.13 payer points, the equivalent of one vote, behind the wahlergemeinschaft willersdorf. With this minimal lead, the wahlergemeinschaft willersdorf secured the last seat on the municipal council in hallerndorf.

Concerns not met

Due to legal requirements, the electoral communities of trailsdorf, pautzfeld and schlammersdorf did not raise any concerns with the municipal electoral committee or the legal supervisory authority of the district of forchheim. This type of appeal was simply a random check of the election results by checking the ballots in the computer system for transmission errors.

Congratulations to willersdorf

The congratulations of the electoral community schlammersdorf went first of all to the electoral community willersdorf, which was able to place three councillors, but also to all participating electoral groups for the "fair election campaign". Further congratulations from the WG also go to the new mayor gerhard bauer (WG hallerndorf).

In addition to its projects, the WG schlammersdorf has set itself the goal of constructive cooperation with all groups and individuals in the municipal council. This is where the community of hallerndorf and its suburbs are to be moved forward. Good cooperation is more important than disputes, so that the final result of the 23. April will recognize.

The result shows, however, that the WG schlammersdorf "with its way of sustainability and perseverance as well as with its creative solutions and mabnahmen as a small grouping in hallerndorf nevertheless has a proper say and does not lose sight of its goals even with only one place in the municipal council" will be, explains thomas sawinsky, the spokesman for the electoral community schlammersdorf.

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