1 6 Million people in germany alone are currently suffering from dementia. German deme

Currently, 1.6 million people in Germany alone suffer from a dementia disease.Our goal is to defeat dementia. But we can only manage this with solidarity. The support of many committed citizens. Everyone can contribute within their means with a donation to help this disease lose its horror. The more money we invest in research, the more likely we are to achieve a medical breakthrough. We want to ensure that people with dementia have better treatment options in the future.

Current donation projects

To enable people with dementia to live a good quality life in their own homes for as long as possible, the DZNE has developed a new job description scientifically over several years and tested it in practice for many years: the dementia care manager.

Regional dementia networks link physicians, care facilities, dementia patients and their families. A special web portal provides helpful tips, documents and a useful toolbox for start-ups.

The foundation would like to support young scientists who have innovative research ideas in a special way. Each year, it invites young postdocs at the DZNE to submit their proposals. The best will receive seed money of up to 10.000 euros for their project.

Computer programs or apps can help better understand diseases and speed diagnosis. The DZNE has already produced some of these useful developments. The foundation supports such innovations.

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