10 Cell phone rules to prevent health problems

Taking into account the latest scientific findings, experts have adapted and supplemented 10 medical cell phone rules.Basically, cell phones/smartphones, tablets as well as game consoles are among the most popular leisure activities for children and young people today. But also many adults are permanently attached to their cell phones. The cityscape is characterized by it. Above all, on public transport. But also in pubs, on the street and in all places where many the people wait for something. The Viennese medical association recommends to consider their medical cell phone rules in this respect. After all, prevention and sensible use of the devices is the best recipe against any acute physical complaints or long-term health damage.

To avoid unnecessary radiation, for example, cell phone rules now include the recommendation to reduce or deactivate cell phone apps.

The following cell phone rules also comply with the current recommendations of the World Health Organization (WHO). They are also intended to raise awareness among the general public that, from a medical point of view, possible adverse health effects should be avoided.

The rapidly developing mobile phone technology leads again and again to new phenomena and reactions. A constant update. Extension of the cell phone rules is therefore essential. This means that the recommendations for dealing with cell phones do not only apply to the more conscious handling of cell phone and transmission mast radiation. But they also include aspects of traffic safety. Should protect against negative psycho-social consequences.

Problems caused by new technical developments

Basically, experts actually recommend that you get to It is better to use landline phones at home and at work should be. And ideally via a LAN cable to the Internet get on. Unfortunately, however, developments are moving in the opposite direction.

This is very regrettable, because landline and Lan connection get along in contrast to the permanent radiation via DECT cordless phones, WLAN access points, data sticks and LTE home base stations without radiation. In addition, they are faster and data.

Another innovation in cell phone rules concerns radiation from background app traffic. The recommendation is therefore to minimize the number of apps and the mostly superfluous background services of the smartphone or to deactivate them more often.

In addition, when purchasing cell phones, care should be taken to ensure that the SAR value is as low as possible and that the external antenna connection is. The SAR value is a measure of the absorption of electromagnetic fields.

It would be better if parents did not give cell phones to their children, especially younger children. Unfortunately, however, even this is a minority program nowadays. Therefore, the following cell phone rules should be observed in any case.

10 cell phone rules for health

(1) Basically it is true that one should as little and make calls for as short a time as possible should be. In addition, if possible, the Use landlines or write SMS. It is also still true that children and young people under 16 in particular should only carry their smartphones for emergencies. However, even this is now very very rare.

(2) You should also keep in mind that "distance is your friend". Conversation buildup of head. keep body away. You should, respectively, make sure that the in the instruction manual distance recommended by the manufacturer is respected. Also use the built-in speakerphone or a headset more often!

(3) If you use headsets or integrated handsfree, then you should avoid the do not position cell phones directly on the body. Pregnant women should be particularly careful. In men Cell phones in your pocket a risk to fertility. People with electronic implants (pacemakers, insulin pumps et cetera) need to pay attention to distance. If not possible otherwise: use outer skirt pocket, backpack or handbag!

(4) Not in vehicles (car, bus, train) phone – without external antenna the radiation in the vehicle is higher. In addition, one is distracted and one annoys the fellow passengers in public transportation! Distraction leads to self-endangerment. To endanger other road users!

Still better for health to use landline and lan connection. They radiate less, are safer and transmit faster.

(6) At home and at work, as mentioned above, telephone calls should still be made using landlines. Internet access via LAN cable (for example via ADSL, VDSL, fiber optics) does not radiate, is fast and data secure. Permanently radiating DECT cordless phones, WLAN access points, data sticks and LTE home base stations (Box, Cube et cetera) should be avoided!

(7) Go offline more often or use flight mode, This is because an Internet connection is not always necessary for functions such as listening to music, using the camera, alarm clock, calculator or offline games!

(8) Fewer apps means less radiation, Therefore you should minimize the number of apps. And in addition, you should deactivate the mostly superfluous background services of your smartphone. Also the deactivation of "mobile services" / "data network mode" are useful. You can still be reached. But one avoids thereby likewise much unnecessary radiation by background data traffic!

(9) Avoid talking on a cell phone in places with poor reception. This applies, for example, to the basement, the elevator and other similar places. Because in such situations the cell phone increases the transmission power. Use a headset or hands-free device even if reception quality is poor!

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