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It allows training managers, instructors, and other L&D professionals to create, edit, and seamlessly share their courses across multiple learning management systems without worrying about interoperability, reusability, and affordability. With SCORM LMS such as desktop or cloud-based authoring tools, they can even convert existing training documents such as DOC files, PowerPoint presentations, or PDFs into SCORM-compatible files that can be easily saved and used for future employee training .

Currently, there are hundreds of SCORM software on the market, but it's not always easy to find the one that meets your training needs among all the tools. To help you choose, we've created a comprehensive list of SCORM software that can help you create highly interoperable and accessible training courses. Keep scrolling to learn more.

1. EdApp

EdApp is a multi-award winning SCORM software, known for its SCORM-compatible authoring tool, function. It allows you to import, edit and deploy courses from other LMSs or export them to new e-learning platforms. However, what sets EdApp apart from other software is the ability to turn existing courses in SCORM format into highly effective microlearning content. With a simple drag-and-drop template, you can assemble bite-sized lessons in minutes or hours and deliver them directly to your employees' mobile devices. You can also increase your team's engagement and completion rates through the use of well-designed interactive elements and gamification features.

In addition, EdApp enhances the overall learning experience of your employees through a variety of integrated tools, such as z.B. Forums and discussions that promote both peer learning and social learning, an editable course library with ready-made online courses that you can edit or deploy with just a few clicks, and an online quiz maker called Rapid Refresh that lets you reinforce learning concepts and measure your employees' overall performance.

This SCORM course creation software also offers other unique features such as the cloud-based translation tool, custom push notifications, real rewards, timed repetition, and an analytics dashboard to help you create the best SCORM-compliant training system for your employees.

Cost: Free

Highlights: Authoring tool, microlearning, course library, forums, discussions, analytics dashboard, quiz maker

2. Assemble

Coassemble is a SCORM software and cloud-based LMS that enables trainers and instructors to develop interactive SCORM elearning courses. With its authoring tool, you can choose from over 40 pre-built content templates, customize lessons and publish course content with just a few clicks. There's also a wide range of interactive quiz templates you can use to incorporate training assessments at the end of each course.

The software is equipped with an employee tracker that ensures easy monitoring of employee screen time, quiz and assignment results and feedback, and training progress statistics. You can even download granular reports to evaluate your team's overall performance. First-time users don't have to worry about customer support availability, as Coassemble's support team is available 24/7.

Cost: $9 to $299 USD per month

Highlights: Authoring tool, customizable content and quiz templates, training tracker, detailed reports, 24/7 support

3. Inquisiq

Inquisiq offers easy interoperability with other elearning LMSs thanks to its SCORM compatibility. With this SCORM software, you can deploy, manage, and track hundreds of courses, as well as easily automate course enrollment, completion notifications, and report generation. The tool also incorporates key concepts of blended learning through features such as on-the-job training and task assignments that allow your employees to complete assignments in real time and submit tasks for knowledge assessment. Social learning is also integrated into the platform through collaborative features such as user communities, user feeds, discussion forums and a unique integrated messaging tool. You can also design personalized learning paths for your employees with multiple courses, homework assignments, and certificates for course completion.

Cost: Starting at $350 USD per month with a free trial

Highlights: User communities, integrated messaging, task assignments, personalized learning paths, on-the-job training

4. Auzmor Learning

Auzmor Learn is a SCORM-compliant LMS known for its course creation and unique open enrollment courses. With its simple user interface, you can create interactive learning content, deliver courses, and monitor employee performance, even without advanced technical programming skills. This employee training tool has a course builder that lets you design your own learning materials or customize content from the extensive lesson library. The real-time analytics dashboard is another cool feature that lets you track your teams' training progress, identify learning gaps and visualize knowledge trends. Although prices are not listed on the website, you can request a demo and get a custom quote by filling out the form below.

Highlights: Course creation, lesson library, real-time analytics dashboard

5. BrainCert

BrainCert is an all-in-one social learning platform and LMS that combines good SCORM functionality with a modern user interface. It has powerful features such as a virtual classroom, course builder wizard, custom theme design, testing platform, shareable tests, and many other tools that allow you to offer courses, conduct assessments, and deliver live online classes in a few simple steps. It has even integrated social learning with e-commerce by allowing educators to sell their online courses, tests and live classes on the platform's global marketplace. Braincert offers many paid plans, but the free option lets you try out the features before you buy the tool.

Cost: Free plan, paid plans starting at $39 USD per month

Highlights: E-commerce for social learning, virtual classroom, course creation wizard, testing platform, custom design

6. dominKnow

dominKnow is a cloud-based SCORM software and e-learning LMS that comes with training module creation software and a content management system. For over a decade, both small and large businesses have used this platform to meet their training and collaboration needs. The all-in-one system allows your team to collaborate in real time. Create well-optimized SCORM-compliant content. Plus, with a range of templates and digital assets, you can design training materials for any device and deliver courses directly to your learners' mobile devices. With dominKnow's translation and localization features, you can choose from over 50 languages to translate learning content for learners in specific regions.

Cost: Starts at $997 USD per year for a single plan

Highlights: Cloud-based all-in-one learning, real-time collaboration, translation and localization capabilities for more than 50 languages

7. Develop

Designing and managing your SCORM-compliant training courses is simple and straightforward with Evolve . This SCORM LMS is designed to help you deliver the right compliance and development training to your team. Popular SCORM courses you can access through this platform include enterprise compliance courses, healthcare compliance, OSHA security training, and HIPAA privacy and security. The tool's user-friendly graphical interface makes it easy for both instructors and learners to navigate the platform and access features such as learner dashboards, course assignments, and reporting tools. Advanced email capabilities allow instructors to automatically send emails to learners notifying them of course enrollment, training reminders, course status, and graduation.

Cost: Get a quote

Highlights: Advanced reports, email notifications, learner dashboard, SCORM courses

8. Knowbly

Knowbly is SCORM and employee training software developed by Turning Technologies to help L&D professionals deliver effective learning solutions at scale. Responsive course authoring tool lets you easily create and customize interactive learning content that works seamlessly across desktop, tablet, and mobile devices. You can create dynamic and engaging digital learning materials with features such as interactive quizzes, games, simulations, infographics, flashcards, and easy-to-use course templates. You can reuse most training materials or transfer them to other LMSs by publishing them as packages in SCORM or xAPI format. Although the $395 entry price is quite high, you have unlimited access to courses, quizzes, and even storage space.

Cost: Starting at $395 USD per author per year

Highlights: Responsive course creation, interactive templates, unlimited courses, quizzes and storage

9. Bridge

Bridge is another SCORM-compliant LMS that focuses on educating employees through a personalized learning experience. In addition to being able to upload and edit SCORM content, you can create your own courses, design onboarding programs or deliver compliance training content with just a few clicks using the platform's native authoring tool. With the Bridge feature for video role-playing games, you can also create social learning. Incorporate peer engagement into your team's training sessions. In addition, analytics dashboards give you insight into employee performance data in PDF files so you can develop strategies to address potential learning gaps and assess current knowledge levels.

Cost: $3 to $12 USD per month

Highlights: Learning paths, native authoring tool, video role-playing, analytics and insights

10. Tovuti LMS

Tovuti LMS is a SCORM-compliant employee training software that helps you streamline your employee training processes. It has an integrated authoring suite that allows you to easily create, schedule and deliver courses. Gamification and leaderboard features let you design highly engaging content and encourage your employees to complete their assigned learning tasks. Your employees also have access to a personalized learner portal that displays all of their badges, certificates, leaderboard ranks, checklists, assigned courses, and upcoming trainings. Another unique feature of Tovuti is a live virtual classroom where learners can have one-on-one conversations with their instructors or discuss lessons with team members via third-party online video platforms like Zoom and GoToMeeting.

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