10 Product favorites of the women s health editorial team women s health

One thing is clear: Working in the Women's Health editorial department has many advantages. One of them is that we are sent the latest products from the areas of fitness, nutrition and beauty on a daily basis and can put them through their paces.

But there are always products that we are so convinced of that we cannot and do not want to withhold them from you. Here you can find the favorites of our editors.

1. Sports watch Polar Grit X Pro

Order here: Grit X Pro from Polar

It's always a question of running watches: There are dozens of different brands and models on the market, and it's not easy to find the right one, because many watches have their weaknesses. The Grit X Pro, the latest model from watch pioneer Polar, however, has it all, especially for adventurers. For (trail) running and for health- and exercise-conscious everyday use, it offers a wealth of functions and display settings that are very suitable for everyday use. So it's one of the most robust activity watches for runners and multi-sport athletes.

2. Fitness Favorite: Triple Perform Wild Berry

10 product favorites of the women s health editorial team women s health

Triple Perform, the collagen innovation in sports nutrition, is based on three bioactive collagen peptides plus magnesium, zinc and vitamin C. It strengthens ligaments, tendons and joints and makes them more resistant. The body regenerates faster, is better protected and is strengthened by noticeable muscle growth. MEN'S HEALTH fitness editor Kevin Quarschie is enthusiastic: "I feel the power of this supplement every day. I achieve my athletic goals more quickly and regenerate faster with it. And the new berry flavor: top!"
By the way: For optimal success, it is recommended to integrate the Tri-Collagen product into your daily training routine for at least three months.

3. Sprout jar from Homevictory

10 product favorites of the women s health editorial team women s health

Tip from our food editor Kathleen Schmidt-Prange: "Top breads or soups with sprouts or microgreens. The nutrient-rich sprouted seeds and miniature plants not only look great, they're also crazy healthy."Why sprouts contain so many nutrients like no other food, you can read here in detail. Radish or alfalfa sprouts can theoretically be bought in a well-stocked supermarket, but it's much more fun to watch the seeds germinate on your windowsill. All you need for your DIY sprouting project is a sprouting jar and seeds – or legumes. Because even dried chickpeas& Co. you can soak and germinate.

Homevictory's two 1-liter sprout jars are 100 percent dishwasher safe and rust-free. You get the set for about 38 euros at Amazon (from 37.78 €), including broccoli seeds to start directly with the sprouts. Kathleen's tip: It's best to order a seed mix with it, because sprouting is addictive. In the set of 8 from Dehner (from € 21.99) you will find a colorful selection of different sprouts.

4. The fastest-absorbing body lotion from Lavera

10 product favorites of the women s health editorial team women s health

Especially now in the cold season body lotion is indispensable. The changing weather outside and the dry heating air indoors remove a lot of moisture. Body lotion is therefore mandatory. But is there actually also one that really does not stick? Our beauty editor Philipp Wehsack has tested the range of products.

His conclusion: "Until recently, I never, really never used body lotion. I found the eternal absorption and the sticky film on the skin, which many products leave behind, too annoying. Since I recently gave the vitalizing body lotion from Lavera a chance, I even cream myself several times a week. Because not only does the cream smell fantastic like orange, it also absorbs in seconds and isn't sticky at all. On top there are no unnecessary ingredients like silicones and parabens in it. Of course, is also natural cosmetics. Absolute purchase recommendation!"

5. Go-to for regeneration: the massage gun by Hyperice

10 product favorites of the women s health editorial team women s health

This tool is massively hyped everywhere right now. "Rightly so," thinks our fitness volunteer Nina Heise. "The massage gun speeds recovery and eases tension, perfect for relaxing muscles after a workout. After every training session, whether a HIIT workout or a run, I put in a round with the massage gun and can start the next day again top recovered. Compared to other models, the Hypervolt Go is pleasantly quiet. Has a particularly long battery life. So you don't have to keep charging it. Can also use it while watching TV or listening to music. It's also nice and small and handy.

6. Heat plaster of Thermacare: Top with pain

10 product favorites of the women s health editorial team women s health

Actually, this small heat pad from ThermaCare is specially designed for period pains, but our health editor Christine Naefeke discovered x other application possibilities right away.

Her summary: "I also love this pillow that warms up to about 40 degrees when I have a looming bladder infection and pinpoint tension in my neck. As soon as you take it out of its packaging, it provides pleasant warmth for 8 hours. It's thin and comfortable, so I don't feel any of it except for the soothing warmth and can move around easily. Plus, the adhesive that holds the pad in place doesn't irritate my skin, which I especially appreciate since I have a patch allergy. I always have at least one ThermaCare for period pains in stock within reach".

7. French fries at home with the Princess XXL hot air fryer

10 product favorites of the women s health editorial team women s health

For a long time, our food editor Kathleen Schmidt-Prange pondered whether buying a hot air fryer was really worth it. After all, the things are quite large – quite unlike her kitchen. Then Kathleen got the chance to test the XXL hot air fryer from Princess. Biting into the first incredibly crisp, fat-free fry did it for her. About 21.000 Amazon reviews confirm the enthusiasm: this Ayrfryer is a top investment at an unbeatable price: under 100 euros – insane!

The menu is super easy to use via the digital display. There are 7 selectable programs, for example for the perfect preparation of chicken, French fries or even cake. And the best thing is: you can really sin. Still does not need to have a guilty conscience. Because unlike ordinary fryers, the food is fried here by means of hot air and not in gallons of oil.

8. For radiantly beautiful skin: Vitamin C Serum from Paula's Choice

10 product favorites of the women s health editorial team women s health

You know that vitamin C pushes the immune system and strengthens the defenses. The fact that vitamin C is also super helpful for skin care is comparatively unknown. It is the ultimate anti-aging ingredient: as an antioxidant, it protects the skin from free radicals and thus from premature aging. At the same time it has a light whitening effect. Is therefore ideal for pigment spots.

But which serum is best? Our beauty editor Philipp Wehsack recommends the C15 Super Booster from Paulas Choice. "The serum is absorbed in no time, is not sticky and does not smell as unpleasantly metallic as many other vitamin C serums. Already after two weeks of use the skin looks more even." More about the ingredient, you can read here.

9. Must-have for workout: sports bra from Adidas

10 product favorites of the women s health editorial team women s health

Health editor Christine had to fight in the past frequently with neck pain. “I don't know if it's the lack of exercise or subconscious anxiety from the pandemic, but about a good year ago I started sleeping less well and struggling with neck pain after getting up.

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