10 Tips for healthy weight loss

"10 kilos in 3 weeks" –
Diets promise however often only one short-term success without looking at the long term health.

10 tips easy healthy weight loss

Our 10 tips for healthy weight loss are different. And waiting to be tried by you.

? You want to lose weight? We support you in the We are Healthy! Seminar and slimming support with daily e-mails for motivation and with helpful impulses& delicious recipes.

After the diet is before the diet? Often is difficult to maintain weight after a classic diet. T he lost kilos fall to the Jojo effect victim and are visible again on the scale display faster than one would like to.

Diets usually reduce either the intake of fats, carbohydrates or protein. This can simultaneously cause a mineral or vitamin deficiency threaten, which can become dangerous for the body.

But how can we losing weight healthily without the body in deficiency states and subsequently even long term the Keep weight?

We present 10 helpful tips:

1. Not (necessarily) less – but the right carbohydrates

Severe blood sugar fluctuations deal with the consequence of Cravings have brought high-carbohydrate diets into disrepute.

Typical cereal products like pasta, Pizza and Roll Are starchy Foods that help Blood sugar level affect blood sugar levels relatively strongly and make thoughts about the next meal quickly circle around again. Soft drinks or also Fruit juices contain much sugar and also contribute to unfavorable metabolic situations in the body. If the hormone metabolism gets out of joint due to fluctuating blood sugar levels and inflammatory processes, this is referred to in medicine as leptin or insulin resistance

Low-carb diets avoid starch- and sugar-rich carbohydrate sources that can adversely affect metabolism.

Paleo on the other hand is no low carb diet but goes one step further. Paleo focuses on the carbohydrates from natural and unprocessed foods and that individual Carbohydrate cravings of every human being.

With a more careful selection of the food one eats proportionally often fewer carbohydrates and more high-fat and high-protein meals. The combination leads to a more stable blood sugar levels over the day, a long-lasting feeling of satiety and the absence of frequent cravings.

Movement-active People often feel more comfortable with more carbohydrates in their diet and like to reach for more carbohydrate-rich side dishes like sweet potato, potato, white rice, or even fruits like apples and bananas – and can eat nevertheless lose weight healthily. It tends to make more sense to eat more carbohydrates in the summer months than in the winter months.

While some people can lose weight even with more carbohydrates in their diet, for others it helps to drastically reduce carbohydrate intake. The special physiological condition called Ketosis sets one particularly low carbohydrate consumption ahead: under 50 g/day. A ketogenic diet can make sense especially in the short term, in the winter months and/or with a therapeutic background and should be good consideration.

Fruit contains sugar, fiber (food for intestinal bacteria), and health-promoting phytochemicals. If you want to lose weight in a healthy way focuses best on Fruits with less sugar like Avocados, berries, watermelons, grapefruits or even Peaches. If losing weight is the goal it may be wise to high-sugar fruit (mangoes, grapes, pineapple) to a lesser extent to consume.

Conclusion: Losing weight in a healthy way also works with foods that are higher in carbohydrates, they just have to be the "right" ones. carbohydrates are
important energy supplier, especially for active people, and supply in the form of dietary fiber Food for the intestinal bacteria. Fruit prefer with caution enjoy.

2. Vegetables full – healthy ballast for the intestine

Dietary fiber is important for us indigestible carbohydrates. Instead of being absorbed in the small intestine and used for energy production, dietary fibers reach the large intestine and "feed" the intestinal bacteria that are beneficial to us. In the meantime it is known that intestinal bacteria have an influence on the the utilization of energy (kilocalories) have.

Dietary fiber is found primarily in Vegetables and fruits. Vegetables are thus the "superfood" for losing weight badly. Besides fiber, it contains lots of vitamins and minerals that can support a healthy metabolism.

Lots of vegetables fills moreover Stomach and intestinal tract, what to faster and long-lasting feeling of satiety leads.

The colorful vegetables on the plate are, tends to be all the better. Here's how to make sure you're getting all the essential nutrients you need. Get inspired by our creative vegetable recipes.

So that the intestine and the intestinal bacteria can adjust to the healthy fibers it is advisable the Vegetable portion in the diet slowly to increase. To avoid digestive problems, the saying goes: Well chewed is half digested. Composition of the intestinal bacteria. Helps to lose weight.

3. Fat – does not make you fat (and helps to lose weight in a healthy way)

Fat has a worse reputation than it deserves – that is generally known in the meantime. Even if it defies logic at first: a diet higher in fats can in the long term to the healthy reduction of body fat deposits contribute. Especially meals with high quality fats contribute to a good metabolism and long-lasting feeling of satiety.

Particularly helpful for losing weight can Coconut oil its. The high-quality fat consists to a high portion of so-called medium-long-chain fatty acids. These enter the systemic circulation more easily than long-chain fatty acids and may be different and metabolized more quickly become.

Sufficient fish on the menu (at least twice a week) also ensures a healthy diet good ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids, which is important for a healthy metabolism.

As taste carrier fats and oils also lend vegetables new facets of taste. The fat-soluble vitamins from vegetables thus also find a safe way into our bodies.

Conclusion: Don't be afraid of fat and toss your vegetables in good oil, for example olive or coconut oil. Also animal fats like lard. tallow are recommended – pay attention here gladly to the quality.

4. Nutrients about nutrients

Is the body
do not provide sufficient vitamins or minerals supplied, it is further ask for food (although provided with sufficient energy) – looking for the micronutrients he so desperately needs. The solution to counteract the extra appetite: Swap nutrient-poor foods for nutrient-rich foods.

With a combination of Vegetables, fruits, fish, meat, eggs, nuts, herbs and healthy fats one provides the body with valuable nutrients. Also Vegetarian have the possibility with natural food sufficient with nutrients to supply.

Grains and legumes, on the other hand, are less recommended. They may be nutrient-dense on the docket – but anti-nutrients prevent the body from absorbing micronutrients and taking good care of itself. However, fermentation and appropriate preparation, as well as stable gut health, can solve the problem.

Missing nutrients influence not only increase appetite but also hormone metabolism. For example impair hypothyroidism the energy metabolism of the body and lead to the weight gain and inhibit weight loss successes. Supporting the thyroid gland with sufficient nutrients (such as iron, selenium, zinc, B vitamins) can help.

Conclusion: Provide yourself with enough nutrients to lose weight healthily. The rule of thumb – most
processed food are low in nutrients, natural foods on the other hand almost always nutrient-rich. Artificially added nutrients and dietary supplements rarely solve problems in the long term, but can be useful in the short term.

5. Water march – drink enough

A balanced water balance in the body promotes the metabolism and therefore also weight loss. Generally recommended around 1.5 liters drink liquid per day, for every hour of exercise you can (depending on the intensity) 1 liter more schedule. By the way, vegetables and fruits also contain a lot of water and contribute to supplying the body with fluid. The more you eat natural foods, the less you need to drink (at least that's our experience). Trust your thirst!

Not only the quantity, but also what you drink is important. soft drinks and fruit juices contain sugar and contribute unnecessarily to energy intake (and blood sugar fluctuations). The metabolism is best supported with water or unsweetened tea. Kombucha can also be a welcome change.

In order to small hunger in between to stop you can Reach for the water glass get into the habit. To avoid unnecessarily disrupting digestive processes, it may be better to abstain from Avoiding drinking during and after meals.

If you don't like pure water, you can add lemons, mint o.a. refresh the taste. A special tip: a morning warm Water with lemon or apple cider vinegar can stimulate the intestinal movement and the production of digestive juices.

Conclusion: Drink enough and according to the feeling of thirst. Best water.

6. Snacks – a hidden trap

A chocolate bar flits from the desk drawer into the mouth. A roll for the small hunger at the station is also fast bought. This
temptations stand in the way of healthy weight loss.

Even from Paleo snacks in large quantities like nuts, dried fruits and honey we advise due to their high energy density (nuts) and sugar content (honey and dried fruits) from.

Many small meals can stress the digestive system, adversely affect blood sugar levels, and promote general inflammatory processes in the body.

Get away from snacking with the following tips:

– If the next small hunger threatens and the run to the refrigerator or the grasp to the desk drawer: Grab jacket and insert a walk. This gives even at the same time points for the movement account. – try the principle of intermittent fasting. – eat meals rich in fat and protein. They keep you full for a long time. – Replace breakfast occasionally with a Paleo Power coffee or even better, a bone broth.

Conclusion: Rather more often only
two to three (rich) Eat more meals during the day than many smaller meals. Often like this unconsciously eats significantly fewer kilocalories absorbed. To lose weight, paleo snacks like too much honey, nuts and dried fruit can also be a hindrance.

7. The right exercise does the trick

Exercise is important and, in addition to nutrition, a important component to lose weight healthily.

In the first phase of losing weight it is important to eat it not with the sport to exaggerate to the to protect the musculoskeletal system and also to maintain the pleasure of exercise. If you have to force yourself to go for a run in the park on a regular basis, you will quickly lose motivation. For the beginning, look for activities that you enjoy and don't overdo it.

Swimming or hike are easier activities that can be done even with excess weight. The easiest way to increase physical activity: More movement in everyday life.

Especially if one little movement used to is, you can get pedometers and fitness wristbands gradually approaching the recommended 10,000 steps per day. After a certain point, you don't want to miss the extra walks or bigger rounds with the dog. Once you are used to exercise again, you can get rid of the stress of measuring – and rely on your natural desire to move.

To heat up the metabolism extra dare to the Strength training. The increasing Muscles not only shapes the body but consumes additional energy, even if you sit on the sofa at rest.

Loose cardio units, also after a completed strength training, can help to get rid of annoying kilos. Short sport units like High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) fit well into tightly planned daily routines and also help to melt away the last kilos.

Also, unmask one-sided movement patterns in your daily life (like sitting) and try to make them more mobile and maybe even replace them.

Conclusion: Introduce more movement into everyday life, reduce one-sided movement patterns. Musculature helps to lose weight and can be trained for example with self-body weight exercises, CrossFit or also yoga.

8. Lose weight while sleeping – possible?

You eat according to the previous tips and exercise enough – and still you don't lose weight.
Sufficient sleep is often underestimated in this context.

Many everyday situations – whether at work, in the home, in relationships or with children – can increase the stress level and thus Influence hormone levels unfavorably. The stress situations are often right Sleep robbers.

For a healthy, restful Sleep is worth some Stress influences (if possible) to reduce, go to bed early enough, and ban all electrical appliances from the darkened bedroom.

Conclusion: healthy sleep is important to achieve success in losing weight. Slim in your sleep sounds too good to be true? We claim for good reasons that losing weight while sleeping works!

9. Without calorie deficit it does not work out

physiological laws cannot be easily outwitted. If one wants to lose weight, the Energy consumption of the body over a sufficiently long period of time higher than the energy intake.

Still, to avoid starvation, let's remember the previous tips: Vegetables fill the intestines and, together with meals rich in fat, protein and nutrients, give a longer-lasting feeling of satiety. This can be especially at the beginning a change in diet to safe weight loss lead.

To get rid of the last pounds it can be useful to keep a food diary. The goal: a Feeling for the energy content of Food Get and small "stumbling blocks" in the daily food plan expose. In our cookbooks you will find the nutritional information supplied with all recipes. In the long run, however, it is better and healthier to abandon the concept of "counting calories" and work on your attitude towards yourself and the food you eat. burn energy. Strengthen the immune system at the same time? Take a cold shower!

Conclusion: If the weight loss stalls it can be useful to determine the kilocalories consumed daily. Generally, Paleo doesn't require counting nutritional values, but in the experience of our readers, it helps some to get a feel for proper nutrition in the beginning. In the long term, counting kilocalories doesn't make sense.

10. Healthy weight loss – with Paleo

Our final tip to lose weight healthily: look more closely at the Paleo360 concept.

Because the Paleo idea is for us much more than a diet – but a Change of diet and Way of life, the healthy for body and mind in the long run is. You can enjoy the food with our delicious recipes. Lose weight without feeling hungry or miserable.

Paleo is a simple and – most importantly – easy to follow diet – healthy variant to lose weight.

Even if the 30 days will totally change your life at first sight – it is worth it. Gladly support you in losing weight Support supports you with daily Emails, over 40 Recipes, diet plans, Shopping lists and many important background information.

Lose weight support

There are already some who have gone exactly this way. Julia for example. She explains in her Success interview, how she lost 30 kg.

10 tips simply healthy lose weight

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A nice overview of important points to lose weight. It has less to do with losing weight, but I would add the point of eating rich in protein. Simply has many advantages.

When losing weight it is essential to make sure that you eat less than you lose through exercise. So you should be careful not to eat too much or to eat the right things that have few calories but are still satisfying. I have also made experiences with natural means, which also help exactly and cause that, so that one is satiated after dishes faster. From Gluco 3.0 for example, I can only report positive. Due to the faster onset of satiety, one logically eats less and thus efficiently loses weight. So for me this would be an eleventh tip to lose weight simply healthy ;)

Thank you for the addition! Very valuable. LG, Anja

Hi, very informative article. I find the choice exciting among the different options. With Paleo I had not occupied myself so far, however already some like interval fasting etc. tried. Since I always get to a point where I'm stuck and the kilos come back I'm going to try the above tips right away. Am especially curious about the Paleo diet. Greetings Christoph

Low carb works really well. Could lose several kilos in a few weeks.

I live paleo myself for 2 years and love it❤️ thanks for your terrific site!

One question- I have been using for 3.1 ab- Intermettierend 3x WOche Sport and in addition as a type 1 diabetic I am fond of keto diet- avoid carbohydrates and had a time super blood sugar values very balanced. Seid 2 weeks I keep more or less / problem is it goes no further down rather slightly high – actually I would like to lose now only 500g / week if I do not too hard measures (bulletproof koffee and 2 meals calories write down I do eh with yazio – and the calorie target is now actually at 1840 – but even with 1400 I still increase… my body seems to have become so accustomed to the little that I am worried about how to normalize it again. Plan was to lose 18 kg in 12 months – do you have any tips?? By the way my blood sugar also spns partially at the beginning was so super

Good day Paleos Team,

for 2 years I have been following the Paleo diet. Paleo+Sport = dream figure

On the subject of carbohydrates, in spite of many years of opposition to these statements, I have found that the quantity makes a significant difference, not just the quality. I had been eating no isolated sugar and only whole grains for years, and yet my blood sugar fluctuations and low belly fat while being slim only went away after I started reducing the amounts of carbohydrates, and eating my fill with more healthy fats and proteins.

I started in 2015 with approx. 6 months Paleo and at the same time 1 day per week fasting 6 dress sizes lost. I have not weighed myself during the entire time, but rather listened in and to my body, unfortunately with little exercise because walking disabled. My body was never so healthy as at that time. Unfortunately, I stopped again due to stress and professional war of nerves because the pig dog in my head demanded sugar, cereals and milk. Now I started eating Paleo again 2 weeks ago, but without chastising myself, if I want to eat a banana I eat it and don't torture myself with sour berries. I would like to have that feeling of health again and give my body a chance to regain its feel-good weight.

I had forgotten to mention that I bought myself measuring devices, with which I regularly measured and controlled blood prere, blood sugar, cholesterol and ketosis. After approx. 2 months I had best values in all areas! The constant pain in my legs/knees had decreased to the point where I no longer needed to take pain pills. It didn't go away completely, but had definitely gotten much better. But after the weight loss I had the problem that I could hardly sit without having pain in my butt cheeks (office job) had to shift my weight from right to left and back again every few minutes. I was still good weight wise though, miles away from being underweight. What was that, does anyone have any ideas? Did hardly any sports because of the walking disability, perhaps muscle loss in the buttocks?

Hi Jutta, maybe that was the desperate cry of the muscles for exercise ;) Joking aside – this may have something to do with a general muscular imbalance in the body. And the weight loss of course also changes the load for the entire body, thereby came for you possibly now other symptoms to light. Katy Bowman and her concept Nutritious Movement has detailed information on this, can be found u.a. in her books. LG, Anja

Hello, for five years now I have been following the Paleo diet. I'm he year I lost 23 kg of weight & keep this until today. I am super. I still like it. I do not miss anything. The most amazing thing is that I no longer have cellulite. How this happens, maybe someone here knows.

Kind regards Katja

wonderful, you can be very proud of the weight loss in my opinion! :)

In addition to changing your diet, have you also brought more exercise into your life?? I think so already the connective tie can form differently with time and also become stronger.

I started with a detox DETOBRITE cure. It supports the body in my diet to free itself from ballast and to refuel new energy. My doctor advised me to do this and said that the idea behind it is that a refreshed body can concentrate fully on important metabolic processes again and is not distracted by superfluous things. I pay attention to a balanced diet with lots of fresh fruits and vegetables and not to forget to drink a lot. The best is the green vegetables like spinach, broccoli. When drinking I make sure that I drink a pot of unsweetened herbal tea a day, preferably green tea. It stimulates with its caffeine. Stops the desire for sweets. After one week I noticed that my skin was already more radiant and my scales showed 2 kilos less. The green tea also stops me having cravings.

Dear team, I have lost 15Kg in 2018 with the paleo diet. More importantly, even though I've been eating normally for the last three months, the weight doesn't change, I'm eating paleo again and hope to do the same this year..

i weighed at the beginning of may 2017, 187kg. After a "click in my head" I started to eat 99% sugar free according to Paleo… it was not easy at the beginning but the super fast successes motivated me to keep going and yes, I even started to exercise. After now ca. 15 months I have a weight of 97 kg at 1,89 m height. Paleo makes me feel fitter than I ever dreamed I could be…..

It's not the devil's work…I won the battle against the sugar industry.

Wish you much success.

Kind regards Jan

Class Jan, what a nice report! Stay motivated and you can move mountains :-) Best regards!

thank you for this post, have motivated me again to give something gas!

Many greetings Melanie

very detailed and comprehensive article, especially very easy to read! I think many simply forget that losing weight is a process and does not work overnight! :-) Super explained – will share directly!

Further good success and best regards Jan

thank you for the clear article. So with me it was clearly the movement. I have a classic office job and there it was just time that I use my body more for what it is made for. Namely movement ;)

Greetings Sandra

Hello, have now for 2. January lost 9 kg with Paleo, without hunger and sports (torn ligaments). Now I start again slowly and hope that I can continue to be disciplined, with a calorie deficit. Additionally ayurvedic boiled water helps me to detoxify. Start, your bodies will thank you… I feel better already. ;) Love Susanne

Hello Paleoteam, I have adrenal fatigue and the problem that I have a hard time losing weight and have food cravings. Since I am in treatment of a naturopath, I had to change my diet to Paleo. now I have lost 2kg in 4 weeks and I am 6 times a week in the sport strength training and endurance alternately. I have read that with this disease I should make sure that my body does not have any food stress. This means that the insulin level does not shoot up (sugar) and also does not drop too far (cravings). At the moment I eat 3 main meals and 2 snacks, without snacks (Paleo snacks) I can hardly stand the time between meals, too much hunger development. With the Paleo Abnehm Philosophie however only 3 main meals are referred to. Now I am a bit confused. What is better in my case? I would be very grateful for an answer! Greetings Silvia

Dear Silvia, thank you very much for your request! In principle, you should do it the way it feels right for you: If you get along better with 2 additional snacks, then this is the right way for you. The own body already signals quite well what he needs! I wish you much success on your Paleo way and all the best, Iris

Hello Paleo team! Very important. Helpful information. Thank you very much. further much success! Love greetings

Hello dear paleo comrades-in-arms, I am a little sad. Have me now times made clever and make for 1 week Paleo and am 3x in the week still in crossfit. And in between stop with the dog on the road. But I just do not lose weight. When I had started at that time times with WW. Had I already in the first week by the change 3 kg. Less and in the second 2 Kg. Why does e not work here with me so? What am I doing wrong. I would be very happy about a response. Lg

Dear Silke – maybe you and your body still need some time to see the results? How recommend at least 30 days times to wait :) LG, Anja

Hello dear Paleo friends, have also long nothing to lose weight and tried a lot. My success now came through a colon cleanse followed by a build up. Now I could metabolize properly again. Additionally I drink green coffee which is detoxifying and stimulating. The result all in all with Paleo diet lost over 10 kilos. LG Michael

Hello to you, since three weeks I experience Paleo. I found it by accident. I have tried all the diets there are from 0 diet to cabbage soup. But on the contrary, more and more kilos creep up on the body. Now I have almost completed the 30 days of Paleo. Had lost over 4 kilos in that time. But now the weight loss is stagnating. On the contrary, this morning I had one kilo more on the scale. Now I have read that fruit should be less. OK. Am I doing. What bothers me only is that I have constantly thin stools despite a lot of vegetables. Although no abdominal pain. No flatulence only thin. My question: Is it still changing? Is that normal?

That's a good question – I don't know if it's normal. According to the Bristol Stool Chart, the chair should be "well shaped". The fact that you don't have abdominal pain and flatulence is good! And how the stool looks surely depends on the intestinal bacteria composition – maybe you can have it tested sometime. Weight fluctuations in the range of plus/minus 2 kilos I would consider normal for women, e.g. due to water retention. Keep us gladly up to date. Also exercise, light/sun etc. have influence on your body – maybe you can still try to change something here. Hello I have more or less 2 weeks ago started with the Paleo diet. Now I have a question about vegetables: should they be eaten raw or is it okay to cook them? ? Have read somewhere that when cooking important nutrients and vitamins, etc. lost . So it would be better by far to consume the vegetables raw or ?

Hello, vegetables are more digestible when cooked, because they are easier to digest. Since you certainly eat a lot of vegetables, you need to worry less about vitamin losses.

How does it work with the calorie deficit??

to get into a so-called calorie deficit, you take in less energy/food than you need or consume during the day. Try the Paleo diet with pleasure.

Super report, many thanks for it! :)

I find Paleo in itself not verkehr, but in the long run I find this form of nutrition rather counterproductive. I prefer to go low carb with complex carbohydrate sources. To let the last pounds melt away in the summer, I then eat Paleo.

What do you think of this recipe during a Paleo diet? http://dreambodyproject. 2 months Paleo. Get along with it super. But one topic concerns me again and again: How much nuts and dried fruit (such as dates) should be eaten a day to lose weight? As far as the nuts are concerned I orientate myself to about a handful. With dates, however, this is somewhat more difficult for me. Are 2-3 a day ok, or too much? Should I generally take nuts. Leave out dried fruit? Many thanks in advance!

a handful of nuts and 2-3 dates per day are I think as a guideline in order :)

Good content! I know a-friend who with regular endurance training and diet he managed to lose weight and stay in best health. Just took Piperine Forte weight loss pills.

Weight loss pills are not recommended ;)

Hello dear Paleo Team… Tomorrow I have my 30 day challenge behind me. Have gained 1 kg from my starting weight. That is, I now weigh just under 78 kg instead of 77. I strictly adhered to the rules and additionally exercised 4x a week (Didn't do any before) So I go jogging 2x a week for 30 minutes and do an abdominal leg butt workout 2x a week with my own weight. I already feel better, but I am really frustrated about the weight. Will next week increase my sports workload but in addition again high quality dairy products. Rice as well as whole wheat bread (I know this is not Paleo) back into my diet. You can't really see that something has changed in my body (some say you can see it, others say nothing). What is the reason for this??? I have additionally magnesium. Zinc to me taken to boost my metabolism. I really do not know more. In the future, I'm going to add 24 hours of "cheating time" once a week, so I can go to my favorite Italian or Chinese restaurant again without a guilty conscience. I also stopped smoking at the same time with Paleo. Could it also be related to that? I would be very happy about an answer.

Paleo is just a way of eating and not a diet. It can help you lose weight, but it is still important to keep an eye on your energy balance. D.h. How many kcal did you eat and how much did you consume?. 4x per week sport I personally find quite a lot. Try it rather with 3x per week but for at least 1 hour. Unfortunately, it takes effort to build muscle and lose weight. 30 days is nothing, in the end you have to do it for life! Once a week a 24h Cheating Time is very contra-productive to build in. Then it is understandable that the weight knows only one direction.

Actually, I was hoping for an answer to my questions, because as I said, both on the energy balance, as well as on the diet, drink enough, etc. I have kept to a healthy diet and also do sports.

Since I would like to do Paleo during the week for life, I would like from Saturday evening at 19:30 clock to Sunday evening at 19:30 clock simply times no thoughts about Paleo to worry but with friends go out and celebrate since I am also still relatively young. And it does apparently some here. This does not mean that I eat 24 hours non-stop but that I vl on Saturday evening what drink or on Sunday with my friend deliciously go out to eat.

Again my actual questions:

1. Can the prevented weight loss be related to my stop smoking??

2. Can it be due to anything else that I really have not lost weight except the errors pointed out here?

I agree with Thomas that it is a question of calorie balance, and that Paleo does not necessarily lead to weight loss (depending on the interpretation a lot of meat, nuts, Paleo "dessert" etc). However I think that the smoking stop plays very well a role. Can lead to weight gain. But going back to smoking is not a solution either. Exercise is certainly a good way to lose weight, don't give up! 30 days is not a lot, Paleo is not a short term diet to lose as much weight as possible. Love greetings

You wrote that you started with sports? Although one does not build up much pure muscle mass in a year, nevertheless muscle is heavier than fat! The fact that you strain your muscles leads to "water retention" in the muscle. Consequence: You become heavier! But this will pass if you stick to it, because you will continue to lose fat and your muscles will get used to the activity! I would not do more exercise! For me that would be stress!

Good morning. I have a question regarding weight loss and fruit. Everywhere it says that fruit, if among other things losing weight is the goal, should only be consumed in small quantities. But what does it mean exactly? How much is little? I've been doing Paleo now since early January and usually drink a smoothie in the morning with berries or apples from the 1. Book, at lunchtime we usually have a salad, which also contains fruit (e.g., a salad).B. apple, strawberries or figs). Is this already too much fruit then? Or should you not eat fruit every day? I do not eat any snacks between meals. So far, however, the weight loss success is a long time coming. I am a bit at a loss… Best regards, Michaela

You can never say what is too much, but apples and figs are the kind of fruit you should avoid. Berries are perfectly fine, as are citrus fruits like grapefruit for example, or oranges from time to time. Try not to eat more than 2 pieces/portions of fruit (but not apples, bananas, figs etc.) a day.) a day.

Wow, great article! Huge compliments ! I recommended him right away! So many facts about losing weight. At the same time a wonderful description of the principles of Paleo!

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