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Hauschka Skin Care is genuine, certified natural cosmetics. You can recognize this not only from the "NATRUE" seal of quality. By product-. Application questions about Dr. Hauschka Skin Care Tel. +49 7164 930-55001 Mondays to Fridays 8:00 a.m. – 5:00 p.m

– pampers and activates – noticeably smooth skin feeling – for a delicate complexion – for dehydrated, dry skin

– for every skin type – provides intensive care – protects against external influences – also ideal in winter

– for every skin type – smoothes and relaxes – retains moisture and refreshes – ideal addition to day care products

– refreshes tired legs – activates and revitalizes the skin – soothes congestion – protects against dehydration

– soothes and relaxes – stabilizes – is a boon – for sensitive, stressed skin

– warms up the muscles – activates the skin metabolism – refreshes after exercise – an ideal massage oil

– tulip-shaped brush head – made of synthetic hair – for blush and bronzing powder – ideal for contouring

– finest powder – for transparent tan – also suitable for contouring – for all skin tones

– nourishing gel – for eyelashes and eyebrows – shapes and fixes – colorless

– gives an even complexion – corrects the complexion – different mineral tones for a perfect color balance – in 3 different shades

– mattifies the skin naturally – harmonizes the complexion – ideal for touching up make-up – in a natural shade

– increased coverage – precise application – ideal for minor corrections – in 3 natural shades

Cosmetics and animal testing: this is how to do it without

All Dr. Hauschka products are developed and manufactured without animal testing. Neither through us nor on our behalf, animal testing is used for Dr. Hauschka Skin Care carried out.

The art of cosmetics production

Would you say your face cream is a work of art? We believe in Dr. Hauschka Skin Care it applies. And would you attribute a personality to a plant? we do.

Holistic natural cosmetics.

We value each and every carefully selected ingredient. But we are convinced that it is the interplay of all natural substances that makes the special quality of our natural cosmetics, for facial care, body care, medical care and our natural cosmetic make-up alike. Just as holistically we look at your skin and know: The strengthening and harmonizing impulses of the dr. Hauschka Skin Care share with the entire organism. This is how we can help your inner. address your outer beauty at the same time.

Pioneers in natural cosmetics.

Since 1967 we have been using for the dr. Hauschka Skin Care products contain mainly medicinal plants, high-quality oils and waxes and, depending on the formula, other natural ingredients such as silica, thermal brine, almond meal, silk or mineral pigments. We source our raw materials, where available, from organic cultivation and fair trade. Demeter projects are our first choice. All products are genuine natural cosmetics and have been so long before there were standards for certified natural cosmetics. Today, all products from Dr. Hauschka the seal of approval for genuine nature-. Organic Cosmetics "NATRUE.

Nature is the trend

For years, consumers have been attaching more and more importance to the protection of the environment and the naturalness of their food. The trend towards "organic" is also unbroken. It is only logical that consumers expect the same from the products they use in their daily care.

Consequently, natural cosmetics have been growing significantly for years on the German, but also on the international market, which is much higher than that of "conventional" cosmetics. That's why more and more classic brands are jumping on this bandwagon, which of course makes us very happy as a natural cosmetics pioneer.

But beware! It is worth taking a look at the details here: a clear distinction must be made between natural cosmetics and so-called "nature-based" or "nature-inspired" cosmetics. Natural cosmetics follow clear guidelines, while "near-natural" cosmetics include everything from classic products with a little plant extract to almost-natural cosmetics.

What is natural cosmetics? What is in natural cosmetics? Natural cosmetics are. Europe not legally defined. In recent years, however, a relatively clear consumer expectation of natural cosmetics has become established. Regardless of the established NATRUE and COSMOS seals, natural cosmetics must first and foremost meet the following ten points as an absolute minimum. These points are written down in the ISO 16128 for technical criteria concerning natural and organic ingredients for cosmetics. Natural cosmetic products should generally have a "natural origin content" of at least 98 percent or higher. For the calculation, the water content in the formulation is deducted.

And now here are the ten criteria for natural cosmetics:

is prohibited:

1. The use of ingredients that must be labeled as genetically modified organisms under Regulation (EC) 1829/2003. This applies analogously to ingredients that do not fall within the scope of this regulation. 2. The use of ingredients derived from dead vertebrate animals. 3. The treatment of herbal. Animal ingredients with ionizing irradiation. The treatment of herbal. Animal ingredients with ionizing irradiation. 4. The use of surfactants that are NOT completely biodegradable (according to Regulation (EC) 648/2004). 5. The use of halogen organic as well as aromatic solvents also in the production of raw materials.

are permitted:

For the preservation of natural cosmetics, the following nature-identical preservatives listed in Annex V of the EU Cosmetics Regulation may be used under the conditions specified therein:

– Current no. 1 Benzoic acid, its salts and its ethyl ester – Current no. 2 Propionic acid and its salts – Running no. 3 Salicylic acid and its salts – Current no. 4 Sorbic acid and its salts – Sequential no. 14 Formic acid – Running no. 34 Benzyl alcohol

What is certified natural cosmetics? What are the advantages of natural cosmetics seals??

The natural cosmetics seals established in Germany for certified natural cosmetics are NATRUE and COSMOS. The standards laid down here naturally go well beyond the o.g. Points out. And as a pioneer and driving force in natural cosmetics, we at Dr. Hauschka naturally once again the specifications of NATRUE. Certification according to the standards of these associations, has the following advantages:

– Transparency: The standards can be viewed and checked by everyone on the homepage of the seal providers. – Independence: companies using these natural cosmetics seals are checked by independent certifiers for compliance with the standards. In addition, the criteria z.B. at NATRUE determined by a committee with equal representation of the parties involved. In this way, consumers can be sure that they are really getting what they expect and not just empty advertising promises (sog. "greenwashing"). – Equality: the criteria set apply equally to all users of the corresponding natural cosmetics seal: Equality for all. – The NATRUE Extra: In addition to the natural cosmetics seal, NATRUE advocates the interests of consumers and manufacturers of genuine, certified natural cosmetics at European level.

Are all Dr. Hauschka products certified natural cosmetics?

Naturally, all products from Dr. Hauschka genuine, certified natural cosmetics.

A cosmetic with its own rhythm.

Rhythm is a sensible approach to address your skin effectively. Because like every organism, your largest organ knows and lives different rhythms: Your skin renews itself every 28 days. And it behaves differently during the day than at night, when it regenerates. We adjust our cosmetics to this. Rhythmically we also treat the medicinal plants used to preserve them without alcohol. This particular production process distinguishes us.

Dr. Hauschka Skin Care now also in the Online Shop.

Our cosmetics are now also available at Dr. Hauschka Online Shop, directly from the manufacturer. In parallel, you will find dr. Hauschka in authorized specialist stores for natural foods and natural cosmetics, in health food stores, perfumeries, pharmacies, department stores and at Dr. Hauschka Natural Estheticians. Our partners can do more than just sell – they are there for you with all their expertise.

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