11 Tips you should keep in mind when flying with a dog

If you have a dog, you often want to take it with you on vacation. But especially with air travel there are a lot of things to consider: from the choice of airline to the question of whether you should give your four-legged friend sedatives. The answers to the most important questions.

Who acquires a dog, often faces the question before vacation travel: should I take my darling with me? Will he be able to cope with the flight, and what do I have to consider when taking a dog on a plane?? For owners, flying with a dog primarily means a lot of research in advance. Because there are no generally valid regulations for the transport of animals in airplanes. "Every airline has its own rules," explains Udo Kopernik of the German Canine Federation. Therefore, it is important to find out in advance exactly what the airline of your choice thinks about taking dogs on board. The following tips should help to plan the flight with dog and to survive well.

1. Flying with a dog: Is it possible with my pet??

Some breeds, for example, listed dogs and blunt-nosed or. short-headed animals, are not accepted by certain airlines or only under certain conditions. Short-nosed dogs quickly get short of breath in stressful situations.

Lufthansa writes about this in its animal carriage regulations: Dogs, "which belong to the blunt-nosed breeds, have anatomically caused narrowed airways and associated respiratory distress. The stress caused by transport or high temperatures at the departure, transfer or destination airport can cause circulatory problems, leading to increased respiratory distress. Your pet may suffer serious health problems or even die during the trip."

Endangered breeds include Boston Terrier, Boxer, Bulldog, Pug, Pekinese and Shi Tzu, among others. Some dogs are less suitable for flying due to their character or lack of education. The best thing to do is to discuss with a veterinarian beforehand whether your dog is suitable for flying and what, if any, precautions you should take. have to pay attention.

2. Register your dog in time

With many airlines the registration of a pet transport is possible up to 24 hours before the flight. It's best to book the ticket with your own anyway, advises Birgitt Thiesmann, pet expert at the animal welfare organization Vier Pfoten in Munich. Because the regulations differ from airline to airline. "Some airlines are very pet-friendly, others less so," says Tina Holscher, a veterinarian with Aktion Tier in Munich, Germany.

When taking a dog in the hold, Lufthansa recommends arriving at the airport on time: "Travelers should arrive at least 60 minutes before departure," said a Lufthansa spokesperson. Also, he said, it's important for owners to find out about import and export regulations, as well as animal welfare rules in the destination country before booking.

Prices for a pet flight depend on the size of the dog and the flight zone and range from 50 to 380 euros. Blind or disabled companions are usually allowed to travel free of charge and in the cabin.

3. Observe entry regulations

To avoid unpleasant surprises on vacation, it is a good idea to find out in good time about the entry regulations in the country you are visiting. From country to country, leash and muzzle requirements, the list of forbidden dog breeds ("fighting dogs") and necessary treatments against parasites can vary. "The Foreign Office can help dog owners and inform them about the required papers, vaccination protection and health regulations of the destination country," advises Christina Nielsen from the website mein-haustier.de. "Ideally, preparations should begin six months before the flight."One should carry the appropriate documents then with the flight absolutely with itself. Ideally, also attach copies of them in a transparent envelope to the outside of the dog box. "One should carry the appropriate documents then with the flight absolutely with itself. Ideally, also attach copies of these to the outside of the dog crate in a clear sleeve.

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